by | June 05, 2018 | 22:04

Hawaii County officials confirmed on Tuesday that a home owned by Mayor Harry Kim was among those destroyed. How many earthquakes have hit Big Island? "We try to make lemonade out of lemons". On the coast as the lava reaches the ocean it is sending up a large plume of what's known as laze - formed when lava reacts with seawater to form a mix of acid fumes, steam and glass-like specks.

by | June 05, 2018 | 17:24

Last month, in its first report since the U.S. withdrawal, the IAEA said Iran continues to stay below the maximum level of uranium the deal allows it to enrich. But he also emphasised that it will be within "the framework provided" by the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA ), also known as the nuclear deal signed in 2015 .

by | June 05, 2018 | 17:18

Some analysts said Kim was replacing older officers who were wedded to the country's nuclear doctrine with loyalists who would follow any changes he may make following the summit. Kim Jong Un reportedly removed three top military officials from their posts. Kim Yong Chol, a top aide of Kim handed over to Trump a letter from the North Korean leader.

by | June 05, 2018 | 16:00

Eurosceptic economist Paolo Savona, 81, who was rejected as finance minister on Sunday, will be responsible for European affairs, according to a cabinet list which Mr Conte read to reporters. Five Star Leader Luigi Di Maio, also a deputy prime minister as well as labour and industry minister, pledged on Saturday to overhaul the signature labour reform, known as the Jobs Act, of the previous centre-left government.

by | June 05, 2018 | 14:15

The alleged tampering with a potential witness, if true, would be a crime, violating the terms of Manafort's pre-trial release. The motion seeks to have Manafort's condition release revoked. But prosecutors say they were principals in a public relations firm that worked with Manafort in organizing a group of former European officials, known as the Hapsburg group, who promoted Ukrainian interests in Europe as well as the U.S.

by | June 05, 2018 | 13:25

Since then, she has stayed out of the public eye, a move that prompted much buzz on social media and even a hashtag #whereisMelania. Last year, Melania Trump made her global debut when she joined the president for his first G7 trip to Taormina, Italy, where she participated in public appearances with the spouses of other G7 leaders.

by | June 05, 2018 | 13:10

In her speech, salutatorian Bailee Dobson said bluntly, "It's been a bit of a wild ride". Prior to his arrival, White House spokesman Raj Shah said that Trump approached such meetings with victims' families as an opportunity to "listen" and "learn".

by | June 05, 2018 | 11:48

Responses to the Middle East Twitter spat varied from labeling it infantile to " genius , " but Khamenei's account has continued to criticize Israel and call for nuclear enrichment preparations. "We have some disagreements, as you can see, but they're not really on goal, they're more on method", he said. French President Emmanuel Macron's office said France too would insist on having a dialogue with Iran.

by | June 05, 2018 | 11:47

Based on the solid rally in the stock market , I think investors are saying the countries involved don't have the fire power to retaliate strong enough to disrupt the US economy or dramatically effect corporate earnings. "What the United States is going to say is that there is a provision in the [World Trade Organisation] that says, 'Yes, you can break your tariff commitments, you can discriminate if you fall under the terms of this security exception, ' " she says.

by | June 05, 2018 | 11:35

Hormone-receptor-positive, axillary node-negative disease -- the type of breast cancer studied here - accounts for half of all the breast cancer cases in the US, and chemotherapy historically has been part of most women's treatment regimen after surgery.

by | June 05, 2018 | 10:50

Ghafor Aziz, a police district chief, said the blast was caused by a suicide bomber who detonated his explosives near the entrance of a compound in the west of the capital where the Afghan Ulema Council was meeting. On May 30, it was the turn of the Interior Ministry to be targeted. In February, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani offered to allow the Taliban to establish itself as a political party and said he would work to remove sanctions on the militant group, among other incentives, if ...

by | June 05, 2018 | 06:56

The country issued the first driving licenses to 10 women at the General Department of Traffic in the capital, Riyadh, according to the Associated Press . SPA said authorities started swapping worldwide licences for Saudi ones in multiple locations across the kingdom, with women applicants made to undergo a "practical test".

by | June 05, 2018 | 05:54

According to Mueller's request, Manafort tried to make at least three phone calls and sent at least two encrypted text messages to D1 "in an effort to secure materially false testimony concerning the activities of the Hapsburg group". The individual then hung up "because he was concerned about the outreach", according to the affidavit. A Justice Department attorney said in April that Manafort was also being looked at as a suspected " back channel " between the Trump campaign and Russian ...

by | June 05, 2018 | 05:21

While the first lady returned to the White House on May 19, her lack of any public appearances sparked speculation and various theories to run rampant regarding her true whereabouts , with some penning their own guesses on Twitter that ranged from her actually having undergone plastic surgery to her "finally going after that divorce she wants so badly".

by | June 05, 2018 | 02:17

Last week's National Court ruling looks at only one portion of the case, the kickbacks-for-contracts scheme in place between 1999 and 2005, when Rajoy himself was moving up the party ladder. A Basque nationalist party's announcement that it would vote in favor of the motion spelled the nearly certain end of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy 's mandate and foretold the stunning collapse of his minority government in a parliamentary vote Friday, when it will be short of support to survive.

by | June 05, 2018 | 00:57

Quim Torra , a close ally of sacked former president Carles Puigdemont, who is in self-imposed exile, will lead the regional government. "Pedro Sanchez, let us talk, take risks, both you and I, let us sit down at a table and talk, government to government", Torra said after swearing in his Cabinet in Barcelona .

by | June 04, 2018 | 23:34

Trump has been trying to bring together the two countries for some months, in a bid to end North Korea's nuclear weapons programme. He said that sanctions would remain in place in the meantime but that he would not impose more while talks continue, and he backed off the term "maximum pressure" that he has used to describe his strategy.

by | June 04, 2018 | 23:00

The American Civil Liberties Union, which represents the Colorado couple, said it was pleased the court did not endorse a broad religion-based exemption from anti-discrimination laws. Every Supreme Court term, there is at least one case that gets people's blood up. The ACLU Twitter account tweeted that the decision was "based on concerns specific to the case", arguing , "The Court did NOT rule that the Constitution gives a right to discriminate".

by | June 04, 2018 | 22:28

China is warning the United States any trade and business agreements between the two countries will be void if President Donald Trump carries out his threats to impose tariff hikes and other trade measures. Those promises were made during a recent visit to Washington, DC, by Chinese Vice Premier Liu He. At the same time, he said, a level playing field on trade could add more fuel to an economy already roaring in response to tax cuts and reductions in regulations.

by | June 04, 2018 | 20:09

Army general Kim Su Gil's replacement of Kim Jong Gak as director of the KPA's general political bureau was previously referenced in North Korean state media, and confirmed Monday by South Korea's Unification Ministry, which deals with North Korean affairs.

by | June 04, 2018 | 19:14

While addressing the perceived imbalance of trade with China is a key concern for US President Donald Trump , the US has also infuriated some of its most powerful allies with the imposition of tariffs on steel and aluminium imports. It's extremely hard to imagine the USA being able to force such a long list of countries into giving in, especially since Trump is fighting a trade war on so many fronts at once.

by | June 04, 2018 | 17:45

On Sunday at 4pm, local time, police put a stop to a rampaging man waving a knife. Police said officers rushed to the scene after a staffer at the Berliner Dom, a major tourist attraction in the heart of the German capital, called emergency services to report the incident.

by | June 04, 2018 | 16:10

Daniel Baker on Wednesday. After he failed to answer calls on his radio, the deputy was found dead in his patrol vehicle. That night, Erika Castro-Miles was arrested in connection with Baker's death and booked in county jail. He came from a family of law enforcement officers: Both his father, Darryl Baker, and his stepbrother, Evan Bohn, work for the Spring Hill Police Department, according to the agency.

by | June 04, 2018 | 15:36

China claims nearly the entire resource-rich sea, through which $5 trillion in shipping trade passes annually, with competing claims from Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam. Mattis also struck at one of the key, longstanding disputes between the USA and China, telling the conference that America will continue to provide defense equipment and services to Taiwan and oppose any effort to alter the status quo.

by | June 04, 2018 | 15:06

The Federal Aviation Administration said the Piper PA31 aircraft went down about 3 p.m. Saturday. As CNN reports , East Hampton Town Police believe there were at least two others aboard the plane, but the search continues for them. Krupinski had built homes for numerous rich and famous denizens of the Hamptons, including Billy Joel, Christie Brinkley, Martha Stewart and several other notable clients.

by | June 04, 2018 | 14:41

North Korea's nuclear weapons program has been a source of major security tensions that persisted despite a series of United Nations and US sanctions and it has also demonstrated advances in ballistic missile technology that experts believe now threatens the USA mainland.

by | June 04, 2018 | 10:26

An estimated 25 people, including at least three children, were killed and almost 300 injured on Sunday, officials said. Another victim was found in the streets of El Rodeo by volunteer firefighters, but the person died in an ambulance. Eddy Sánchez, the director of Guatemala's National Institute of Seismology, Volcanology, Meteorology and Hydrology, tells the newspaper Diario de Centroamerica that ash was falling north and east of the volcano, in San Luca, Antigua Guatemala, Alotenango, ...

by | June 04, 2018 | 09:44

The Trump administration hopes the Singapore summit will bring clear pledges from Kim to being rolling back the country's nuclear program. Kim and Assad have been accused of co-operating on nuclear weapons by the United Nations, an allegation North Korea denies.

by | June 04, 2018 | 06:57

Local media reported that the ash blanketed cars and houses in villages nearby. The Volcan del Fuego, roughly 27 miles from Guatemala City, shot ash almost four miles into the sky. It also forced the capital's La Aurora International Airport to shut down its only runway. Photos from the scene showed massive plumes of black smoke in the air.

by | June 04, 2018 | 05:52

But the letter sent to Mueller shows the Trump team's efforts to avoid having to sit for an interview with the special counsel, stressing that while the White House will cooperate, it hopes the investigation will end soon. Multiple times throughout the letter, Trump's lawyers appear trying to discredit Comey as a witness. "I'm looking forward to it", Trump said in January when reporters asked him about a potential interview with the special counsel.

by | June 04, 2018 | 05:26

Two confidential letters from President Donald Trump's legal team to special counsel Robert Mueller were leaked to The New York Times . Finally, the letter says, although Trump may have helped Donald Trump, Jr . The document also argues that Trump " could, if he wished, terminate the inquiry, or even exercise his power to pardon if he so desired ". The letter did not explicitly describe the possibility of Mr Trump pardoning himself .

by | June 03, 2018 | 23:42

Rudy Giuliani said Sunday that President Donald Trump should not testify in the Russian Federation probe because "our recollection keeps changing" about certain incidents that the special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating - particularly a now-infamous statement explaining a 2016 Trump Tower meeting.

by | June 03, 2018 | 23:15

They are now calling for a closer to near average season, with 14 named storms , that does include Alberto, 6 hurricanes and 2 of them being a major hurricane with winds greater than 110 miles per hour. Florida's transplant community, growing every day as more and more people move to the Sunshine State, is generally unfamiliar with hurricanes and preparedness.

by | June 03, 2018 | 22:07

Ross was accompanied by agriculture, treasury and trade officials for the meeting at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, a leafy compound on Beijing's west side. The US pressure over technology policy reflects growing American concern about China's status as a potential competitor and complaints Beijing improperly subsidizes its fledgling industries and shields them from competition.

by | June 03, 2018 | 21:45

I don't know who voters will choose but I am pretty sure that it won't be me. Premier Wynne has said she does not expect to be re-elected. She also criticized Tory Leader Doug Ford - who she said has not responded to her call for united opposition to the tariffs - and NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, who has said Ms.