by | July 21, 2018 | 21:40

Many handicraft items such as stone, marble and wooden deities, rakhis without precious stones, brooms and commemorative coins have been made fully exempt from GST, Union Finance Minister Piyush Goyal said. Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the 28th GST Council meeting, the minister also said that tax on bamboo has been slashed to 12 per cent. The reverse charge mechanism was already on hold until September 30 this year.

by | July 21, 2018 | 21:00

Over the past five years, Burberry has destroyed £90 million worth of goods. John Peace, the outgoing chairman, said destroying stock is "not something we do lightly" and Chief Financial Officer Julie Brown said "we take it extremely seriously".

by | July 21, 2018 | 20:11

Boeing may also report at least one undisclosed order this week. The 737 MAX is the fastest-selling airplane in Boeing history, accumulating more than 4,600 orders from 100 customers worldwide. The Farnborough Airshow is typically one of the world's most publicity-focused business events, with plane giants and airline bosses battling to win headlines for deals signed under the roar of stealth fighter displays.

by | July 21, 2018 | 20:12

London's Heathrow Airport said on Wednesday operations were resuming after the control tower was briefly evacuated when a fire alarm was activated, although some flights would probably be delayed. Nobody's being sorted out.They can't re-book the flights because they've got no computer system. "Emergency services responded using our regular safety procedures, and our operations have resumed".

by | July 21, 2018 | 17:27

According to reports, Larry Kudlow , head of the White House Economic Council, said the United States and China failed to reach an agreement to resolve the trade dispute, and China should take the responsibility for that. Trump has imposed tariffs on steel and aluminium worldwide, as well on $34 billion in Chinese goods, with another US$16 billion likely to be targeted shortly, and US$200 billion more to face duties as soon as September.

by | July 21, 2018 | 10:18

Under Saubhagya, free electricity connections to all households (both APL and poor families) will be provided in rural areas and poor families in urban areas. He pointed out that the government has changed the situation in Eastern India which had 14,582non- electrified villages out of 18,000 and out of which 5790 villages were in the North East.

by | July 21, 2018 | 00:44

The United States has begun investigating whether uranium imports threaten national security, launching a process that could lead to more tariffs being imposed on imports from Russian Federation and Central Asian countries. "While U.S. producers can fairly compete with foreign production on a level playing field, it is hard for them to compete with heavily subsidized foreign production", they said in a joint statement.

by | July 20, 2018 | 22:26

Federal Reserve . "As usual, not a level playing field", Mr Trump said. Indeed, overall financial conditions in the US are largely unchanged since Trump took office in January 2017 despite the Fed's gradual tightening campaign, and looser than they were on average in 2016, according to a Goldman Sachs index.

by | July 20, 2018 | 18:58

The White House also attempted to assuage fears of the president pressuring the Fed immediately after Trump's comments were released. Fed officials have penciled in two more hikes this year. After more than six years of record low interest rates that helped the USA economy recover from the 2008 financial crisis, the Fed began to slowly raise rates again in December 2015 and has raised them five times since Trump took office in January 2017.

by | July 20, 2018 | 18:56

Microsoft's Surface business also saw significant growth for the quarter, posting a 25 percent gain over the same time a year ago. "We had an incredible year, surpassing $100 billion in revenue as a result of our teams' relentless focus on customer success and the trust customers are placing in Microsoft", said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella .

by | July 20, 2018 | 18:40

That figure references the $505 billion dollars worth of goods imported from China in 2017, according to Census Bureau data. China retaliated on the first wave of tariffs by slapping duties on the same dollar amount of US imports, and Beijing has said it'll fight against any further USA actions.

by | July 20, 2018 | 17:53

In a CNBC interview that aired earlier on Friday, Trump said he's "ready to go" with tariffs on $500 billion of Chinese goods, roughly the value of all USA imports from the Asian nation past year. The commander-in-chief acknowledged that his criticism was unusual - but said he didn't care. "Now I'm just saying the same thing that I would have said as a private citizen", Trump said.

by | July 20, 2018 | 17:25

Earlier this month, USA imposed tariffs on $34 billion of Chinese imports. "Hi, I am a soybean ", the cartoon says in the video. "If I lose $100 an acre, and you take the acres that I farm, it's a lot of money". Trump has ordered Commerce to investigate whether auto imports pose a threat to USA national security that would justify tariffs or other trade restrictions.

by | July 20, 2018 | 12:41

The market also got a boost from reports rebels in Yemen attacked an oil facility in Saudi Arabia , Kilduff told CNBC. He said Saudi Arabia's crude oil exports in July would be roughly equal to June levels. Strategic Petroleum Reserve . After the Oil Weapon had been unsheathed by the oil-producing countries in 1973, the U.S. government began to hold a Strategic Petroleum Reserve .

by | July 20, 2018 | 09:37

There will be many "who see that as the Fed yielding to a combative president", Conti-Brown said. "So somebody would say, 'Oh, maybe you shouldn't say that as president.' I couldn't care less what they say, because my views haven't changed".

by | July 19, 2018 | 23:14

The controversy began when Unsworth described Musk's attempt to help save the stranded boys with a " kid-size submarine " as a PR stunt, telling CNN that the miniature escape pod "had absolutely no chance of working". Mr Musk was referencing a thread on question-and-answer site Quora which attempted to explain Musk's involvement in the Thailand cave rescue . Two British divers who were asked by Unsworth to join the mission were the first to discover the boys.

by | July 19, 2018 | 20:28

It has changed the lives of millions of Europeans. In this way, it has cemented the dominance of its search engine. "The European Union just slapped a Five Billion Dollar fine on one of our great companies, Google", Trump tweeted in reaction to the 4.34 billion euro (US$5 billion) penalty slapped on Google for abusing the dominance of its mobile operating system.

by | July 19, 2018 | 17:57

In a letter to his constituents, he had said May's Chequers plan for Brexit was " unacceptable " and claimed failure to deliver the highly controversial Brexit could end with Jeremy Corbyn as prime minister. Both bits of legislation had been subject to many proposed amendments as both pro-EU and pro-Brexit MPs tried to create the version of the bill they wanted, according to the BBC.

by | July 19, 2018 | 15:55

Consumer price index (CPI) inflation, the measure targeted by the Bank, has now remained at 2.4 per cent for three months in a row, according to data published today by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). "Now it looks odds-on that (policymakers) will hold fire yet again", said Tom Stevenson, investment director at Fidelity International, an investment management firm.

by | July 18, 2018 | 23:54

He is now number 100 on the Forbes Billionaires list which listed the founder of Amazon .com Inc, Jeff Bezos as the richest man in modern history.‎ While Bezos fortune jumped from $112 billion which it was in March this year to $151.4 billion as at yesterday, Dangote's fortune dipped from $14.1 billion in March to $12.4 billion.

by | July 18, 2018 | 23:12

The company just completed its eighth test mission last April. Both the booster and the capsule landed safely less than 12 minutes after liftoff, the latter touching down softly on the desert floor under parachutes, sending up a plume of dust.

by | July 18, 2018 | 21:40

The best airlines are judged every year by leading aviation website Skytrax . The best airline carrier in Europe was found to be Virgin Atlantic. Established in 2007, flynas is a Saudi Carrier and the leading low-priced airline in the Middle East with a fleet of 30 Airbus A320 Aircraft, operating over 1,100 flights weekly to 17 domestic destinations and 53 worldwide destinations.

by | July 18, 2018 | 19:07

The biennial Farnborough Airshow trades off with the Paris as the preeminent showcase for the aviation industry. The global aviation industry is under threat from a simmering trade war between the United States and China. Military officials and governments hammer out arms deals and announce defense initiatives. Boeing recently took control of the commercial business of Brazil's Embraer, while Toulouse-based Airbus bought a majority stake in Canadian peer Bombardier's C Series airliner ...

by | July 18, 2018 | 18:39

Schnatter says while his comments were taken out of context, he understands his words hurt people. Schnatter is still on the board and is the company's largest shareholder - meaning he remains a key presence. As a result, the National Football League forced Papa John's to remove the shield logo from all commercials and advertisements, and earlier this year the sides ended their sponsorship agreement.

by | July 18, 2018 | 17:41

But on Wednesday, Mr. Schnatter acknowledged as true a report that he had used the n-word in a conference call in May. 'Regardless of the context , I apologize. Pizza Hut replaced Papa John's as the NFL's official pizza sponsor earlier this year. During that call, Schnatter complained that Colonel Sanders, the founder of the Kentucky Fried Chicken chain, never received criticism for his racist remarks.

by | July 18, 2018 | 13:31

By strengthening ties with the EU, Japan hopes to vitalise mutual direct investment, fight other global trends toward protectionism and enhance the stature of Japanese brands, the foreign ministry said in a statement . While the two US allies reached a deal of their own to open up trade, the Trump administration has repeatedly doubled down on its decision to hit the EU, Mexico , Canada and China with steep tariffs.

by | July 18, 2018 | 10:58

He had no conception of what the cave passage was like ", Unsworth told CNN in an earlier interview. The submarine was reportedly 5 feet and 6 inches long, small enough to carry one of the boys but likely rigid and obtuse in the tight, murky dimensions of the cave network.

by | July 18, 2018 | 01:14

Oregon State Vice President and Director of Athletics Scott Barnes said Schnatter's comments are not reflective of the university's values and the inclusive environment the school strives to offer. "I will not allow either my good name or the good name of the company I founded and love to be unfairly tainted". Recently, the board committee barred Schnatter from talking to the press and moved to remove his likeness from all marketing materials.

by | July 17, 2018 | 22:09

The customs bill (officially known as the Brexit-linked Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Bill) cleared the Commons after MPs gave it a third reading by 318 votes to 285 - majority 33. He added: "I can not tell the people of WOxon [West Oxfordshire] that I support the proposals in their current form". Defending his record in office he added "don't tell me that the United Kingdom is losing diplomatic influence" citing the worldwide response to the Novichok poisoning which saw 28 countries expel ...

by | July 17, 2018 | 11:10

Almost $23 billion was wiped off the value of Netflix last night after it missed subscriber growth and revenue forecasts for the second quarter. In a letter to shareholders, Netflix blamed the shortfall to faulty internal projections of its subscriber growth, explaining that such guidance is often volatile.

by | July 16, 2018 | 16:26

Get $10 to spend on Prime Day by purchasing $10 or more at the grocery store between July 11 and July 17. They are launching music in three more languages. Not to worry, Amazon will offer you a 30-day free trial. Target also notes that customers that order $100 or more of goods will also get a free six-month membership.

by | July 16, 2018 | 12:55

Telecom operators like Airtel and Vodafone are now offering promotional plans with free or discounted Amazon Prime membership options. If you have been planning to make the best of Prime Day sale , then we have put together a guide that will enlighten you about offers.

by | July 16, 2018 | 12:44

Beijing retaliated with in-kind tariffs on American products, including soybeans. China imports about 100 million metric tons of soybeans each year, and the US contributes about 35% of that total, according to USDA. There is a projected loss of roughly $500 million. China's national soybean stocks as of Tuesday were at 8.52 million tonnes, almost a month's worth of consumption, and the highest on record since at least 2010.

by | July 16, 2018 | 07:02

The lion's share of the fees - up to 170.3 million pounds - will go to the lenders, including Bank of America, that are co-ordinating the financing for Comcast's offer. This announcement, the company said, further underscores its belief and its commitment to owning Sky. The agreed price represents an 82percent premium to Sky's shares in December 2016, before it struck its original deal to buy Sky.

by | July 16, 2018 | 03:00

Yesterday (Monday), Greyhound Canada said it would cancel all B.C. routes except for one: the USA -run route between Vancouver and Seattle; however, all routes in Ontario and Quebec will remain except for the Trans-Canada service west of Sudbury, Ont.