by | July 05, 2018 | 14:27

Monday saw a downturn in global oil prices; the price of Benchmark Brent crude oil fell 0.8 percent to 78.54 dollars and West Texas Intermediate ebbed 0.25 percent, to 73.95 dollars. The drop is in contrast to the strong growth in oil prices seen last week as prices started to nudge close to $80 per barrel. The UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia agreed an aid package for Jordan of $2.5 billion.

by | July 05, 2018 | 11:38

The decision by the NTIA comes amid an ongoing trade dispute between the US and China, with tariffs on billions of dollars worth of USA and Chinese goods set to take effect later this week. The American government proceeded to stop China Mobile from entering the nation's telecommunications market, citing reasons that the company's application hinted for national security risks.

by | July 05, 2018 | 08:35

U-S President Donald Trump said last week that the study would be completed in three to four weeks. THE Trump administration, in its latest attempt to block Chinese entry into the U.S. The list of Chinese products targeted with USA tariffs include vaping devices, rare earth metals and LED light bulbs. Washington is conducting a national security study that could lead to tariffs on imported cars and vehicle parts.

by | July 05, 2018 | 04:31

Chestnut, who made his debut at Coney Island in 2005, has won every Fourth of July hot dog eating contest at Nathan's Famous since 2007 with the exception of 2015, when he was upset by Matt Stonie . In the women's contest, Miki Sudo won her fifth title in a row. He kept up a pace of roughly seven hot dogs and buns per minute. Nothing says the Fourth of July like barbecues, fireworks and Joey Chestnut winning the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest .

by | July 05, 2018 | 02:17

European Commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas said the USA investigation into the possibility of auto tariffs "lacks legitimacy, factual basis and violates global trade rules", like last month's US tariffs on steel and aluminum imports.

by | July 05, 2018 | 00:06

In recent months, the Group has been forced to get rid of its acquisitions as it parted with its 25 per cent stake in Spain's NH Hotel Group for US$726 million and sold an office tower in Minneapolis, Minnesota for US$320 million. Since 2015, HNA had been on a massive shopping spree, forking out around $40 billion on a 25 per cent stake in the Hilton hotel group, shares in Deutsche Bank, several golf courses and other foreign property.

by | July 04, 2018 | 21:45

The new Canadian tariffs, which took effect at 12:01 a.m. Sunday, are hitting a long list of US consumer goods, including ketchup and other Kraft Heinz products. Diab said in an interview that the tomato-processing facility will face increasing cost pressures as a response to the Canada-U.S. trade dispute.

by | July 04, 2018 | 21:20

The ageing South Korean CEO is keen to make the move by May 2019, when FCA holds its annual shareholders meeting and current CEO Sergio Marchionne will retire. The report suggests that Fiat Chrysler's controlling families, the Elkanns and Agnellis, are eager to leave the carbuilding business behind once Marchionne steps down.

by | July 04, 2018 | 18:26

Also on Friday, the European Union enacted tariffs Friday on more than $3 billion worth of us goods including bourbon, yachts and motorcycles. Benchmark U.S. Trump's threat was the latest salvo in an escalating trade war that saw the EU slap duties on US-made jeans and Harley Davidson motorcycles in a tit-for-tat response to United States tariffs on European steel and aluminium exports.

by | July 04, 2018 | 17:35

Jahangiri greeted Trump's comments with derision, saying: "They're begging the Saudis to raise their output so that if Iran's quota decreases nothing will happen to the markets". "Of course. That's what we're doing, absolutely", he said. "Their companies - their companies will be subject to the same sanctions that everybody else's are if they engage in those sectors of the economy that are sanctionable, where there were sanctions imposed prior to 2015", the unnamed U.S.

by | July 04, 2018 | 17:28

In Beijing , Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said summit preparations were proceeding, and details would be announced in due course. Trade friction also threatens to ensnare major Chinese companies, with China Mobile the latest to encounter obstacles in the US market.

by | July 04, 2018 | 00:30

Supporters of President TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump: Democratic voters will support Republicans because of ICE criticism Coney Barrett, Kavanaugh among candidates who met with Trump: report Trump administration recommends against allowing China Mobile access to USA market MORE on Monday launched a boycott against Walmart after it was discovered the superstore was selling apparel promoting the impeachment of President Trump .

by | July 04, 2018 | 00:04

Germany's Internior Minister Horst Seehofer (L) and Chancellor Angela Merkel . Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU) and their long-time Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU) allies agreed on Monday to set up special transit zones at the border with Austria where migrants already registered in other EU countries will be held and then sent back to the countries where they had registered first.

by | July 03, 2018 | 23:10

Lopez Obrador , who won a landslide victory in Sunday's election and takes office in December, traveled in a white Volkswagen sedan on Tuesday to the meeting with centrist President Enrique Pena Nieto in the presidential palace in the capital's colonial downtown district.

by | July 03, 2018 | 20:54

Exit polls Sunday evening showed Lopez Obrador had won by a large margin, and his rivals both conceded shortly after polls closed. Lopez Obrador told the Televisa network Monday that he will respect the current team of negotiators, and let them continue representing Mexico until he takes office December 1, noting that he wants to have information on what's being discussed and "to help as much as we can".

by | July 03, 2018 | 20:54

Over the years, Stephenson also got under James's skin by getting in his face during playoff games, in addition to flopping and, on at least one occasion, making the "choke" sign. Last week, he became a free agent after declining a $35.6 million contract option from the Cleveland Cavaliers for next season, according to ESPN .

by | July 03, 2018 | 20:18

Jump was bought by Uber in April . Lyft will absorb Motivate's contracts with those cities, including the one that covers the more than 1,800 bikes now deployed in Boston, Cambridge, Brookline, and Somerville. Also in June, Uber was said to be weighing a takeover offer for Motivate. Motivate has mainly specialized in traditional bicycles that are stored in docking stations around cities.

by | July 03, 2018 | 18:54

With just over half of votes counted on Monday, Lopez Obrador had about 53.7 percent of the votes, a remarkable margin not seen in the country for more than three decades. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, victor of Mexico's presidential election, right, waves during a rally at Zocalo square in Mexico City, Mexico, on Sunday, July 1, 2018.

by | July 03, 2018 | 15:40

Speaking to host Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures , Trump said this when asked if he'd consider working with USA allies to combat China's trade policies: " The European Union is possibly as bad as China, just smaller". According to the Reuters news agency, the US Chamber of Commerce declared that his efforts to counter trade imbalances would prove counterproductive as they would damage the spending power of businesses and consumers alike.

by | July 03, 2018 | 14:40

The prime minister said he agreed "one thousand per cent" with Trump's view that European should pay a greater share of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation budget. Rutte told Trump in no uncertain terms what he thought of his trade policies. And if we do work it out, that'll be positive. 'Because we both have a business background, we both look at things in a fairly businesslike way, ' he said.

by | July 03, 2018 | 14:23

After purchasing Whole Foods previous year, it also began offering free two-hour grocery delivery in Austin for Amazon Prime members. The evolution of online shopping has paved the way for many similar services, like the UK's ASOS, where you can buy as many items you want, try them out, return them within 30 days, or pay later with Klarna without having to pay any extra charges.

by | July 03, 2018 | 11:39

US President Donald Trump tweeted on Saturday that Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud had agreed to pump more oil, "maybe up to 2,000,000 barrels". On Fox, Trump directed blame at the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, of which Saudi Arabia is the biggest producer. OPEC's June output was 32.32 million barrels per day (bpd), a Reuters survey showed on Monday, up 320,000 bpd from May.

by | July 03, 2018 | 09:27

It would simplify Dell's current structure, seen by many as overly complicated, and make use of the stock that tracks VMware Inc . "We are excited that public investors will share in Dell Technologies' dynamic value creation with Silver Lake, which has no plans to seek liquidity and remains an enthusiastic long-term shareholder".

by | July 03, 2018 | 02:33

The Trump Administration last month requested a study on the national security risks of imported cars and auto parts. "Increased import tariffs could lead to a smaller GM , a reduced presence at home and overseas for this iconic American company, and risk less - not more -", GM said in the filing.

by | July 03, 2018 | 02:11

Asked if someone was manipulating oil markets, Trump said: "OPEC is and they better stop it because we're protecting those countries, many of those countries". It's awful what they do to us, he said. Jahangiri's remarks came a day after Trump said that Saudi Arabia's King Salman had agreed to his request to ramp up oil production.

by | July 03, 2018 | 01:15

The report was confirmed by his agency, Klutch Sports, which made the announcement. Representatives from the team will meet today with James' agent Rich Paul in Los Angeles , a person familiar with the plans told the Associated Press on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the talks.

by | July 02, 2018 | 23:35

If Saudi Arabia were to respond to Trump's request, it would stretch spare production capacity to the limit, meaning that any supply outage could have an out-sized effect on oil prices. Shale oil production is at its peak in the United States, with refineries operating at its highest average capacity utilisation due to record worldwide demand.

by | July 02, 2018 | 22:10

The document also said that European vehicle makers in the USA make about 2.9 million cars per year, accounting for 120,000 jobs directly involved in the manufacturing process, or 420,000 jobs if non-direct roles such as auto parts production and retailers are included.

by | July 02, 2018 | 18:52

Washington aims to cut Iran's oil sales, First Vice President Es'haq Jahangiri said, adding that this is an impossible measure. "Our attempt is to defeat USA policies in the sale of oil and we are pretty sure we will sell our oil as much as we need", he said.

by | July 02, 2018 | 17:26

Amid a cash crunch, Tesla has focused on Model 3 options with sticker prices in the $65,000+ range, as opposed to the more affordable $35,000 base model, which it has yet to begin building. No standard automotive solution could be built in time, so we created a new solution. By building more than 5,000 of the sedans in the last week of the second quarter, Tesla "just became a real auto company", the chief executive officer said in an internal email Sunday obtained by Bloomberg News.

by | July 02, 2018 | 15:41

An employee on a Norwegian Cruise Lines ship is counting his blessings after a "miraculous" rescue in the open waters off Cuba on Sunday. A spokesperson for Carnival Cruise Line - the owners of Norwegian Getaway - described the man's survival as "miraculous".

by | July 02, 2018 | 11:57

Startup costs can be as low as $10,000, Amazon said, with an entrepreneur running 40 trucks making $300,000 a year. The new scheme could come in handy for those who felt uncomfortable on many counts with the existing Amazon Flex program where some of the Uber drivers were recruited to make the last mile deliveries and it posed many bottlenecks for them.

by | July 02, 2018 | 07:12

Saudi Arabia says that King Salman has spoken to President Donald Trump , but gave no mention of the 2 million barrels of extra production the American leader tweeted about earlier in the day. "This is just simply not doable", said one senior Saudi oil official cited by the Journal . The oil markets were also shaken last week when a senior State Department official said that the United States would ask countries to reduce their purchases of Iranian oil to "zero".

by | July 01, 2018 | 14:57

The vast database owned by Exactis contained information pertaining to nearly the entire adult population of the United States and contained minute details of each individual such as full names, home addresses, email addresses, gender, religion, whether an individual is a smoker, whether he/she owns any pets, whether he/she has any children, or whether he/she has any particular interests such as scuba diving or plus-sized apparel.

by | July 01, 2018 | 12:52

The source familiar with the kingdom's plans told Reuters last week that Riyadh plans to boost output in July to 11 million bpd, the highest in its history, up from 10.8 mln in June. Oil prices rose last week to the highest levels since 2014. According to Bloomberg , Saudi state media have confirmed a phone call between Trump and King Salman took place, but have not confirmed any agreement on production increases.