by | June 16, 2018 | 07:40

According to police, the two deputies were possibly shot with their own guns. A Wyandotte County deputy has died and one remains in critical condition following a shooting this afternoon in Kansas City, Kan . Thursday in the middle of Barney Allis Plaza. The Fraternal Order of Police in Kansas City, Kansas, said in a statement: 'We are praying for our friends at the Wyandotte County Sheriff's Officer, their families, friends and our entire blue family.

by | June 16, 2018 | 04:00

American Airlines says it has fixed a technology problem that was grounding flights to and from Dallas, Chicago and Miami on. The issue affected American Airlines flights to and from the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport in Highfill (XNA).

by | June 16, 2018 | 01:33

On Wednesday, March 14, 2018, the Securities and Exchange Commission filed charges against Holmes and her company for defrauding investors. "This indictment alleges a corporate conspiracy to defraud financial investors", said FBI Special Agent in Charge John F.

by | June 16, 2018 | 00:34

The administration also is targeting an additional 284 Chinese products, which it says benefit from China's aggressive industrial policies, worth $16 billion a year, but won't impose those tariffs until it collects public comment. China, the world's No. 2 economy behind the U.S., has pledged to retaliate on USA exports including soybeans and pork. That could bring a another wave of duties after 60 days or more , the report said.

by | June 15, 2018 | 18:18

No deaths have been reported in connection with Honey Smacks , but the FDA says it's "working with the company to quickly remove this cereal from the marketplace". Healthy individuals infected with Salmonella can experience fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. "The illness usually lasts 4 to 7 days, and most persons recover without treatment".

by | June 15, 2018 | 17:30

The Sum of Us petition calling for the change had warned that many plastic straws ended up polluting the ocean, harming seabirds and marine life. It hopes all plastic straws will have been replaced by next year. Campaigners, such Michaela Hollywood who has spinal muscular atrophy, have urged companies to ensure they are providing alternatives to plastic straws as opposed to an all-out ban, as some disabled people rely on straws in order to be able to drink.

by | June 15, 2018 | 14:50

The tariffs will target technology industries where China hopes to become a world leader, after an investigation uncovered rampant intellectual property theft by Chinese companies against United States firms. But Steve Bannon, Trump's former White House and campaign adviser, said the crackdown on China's trade practices was 'the central part of Trump's economic nationalist message'.

by | June 15, 2018 | 12:37

Metcalf, who does research in energy economics and served as deputy assistant secretary for environment and energy at the U.S. Department of the Treasury in 2011-2012, recently spoke with Tufts Now about the oil economy. Non-OPEC suppliers include the United States where producers have returned to the business in droves, encouraged by rising prices. In the USA, output has risen by nearly a third in the past two years, to a record of 10.8-million barrels a day.

by | June 15, 2018 | 12:34

Republican voters in SC ousted Representative Mark Sanford in the state's GOP primary Tuesday in a contest that turned into a test of loyalty to President Donald Trump . Later, Sanford admitted he was involved in an extramarital affair in Argentina . Sanford also said in a 2017 interview that Trump "has fanned the flames of intolerance".

by | June 15, 2018 | 05:42

Nationally, the group found no metropolitan area in the country where a full-time worker making the federal minimum wage of $7.25 can afford a two-bedroom apartment. Trump's proposed cuts for the 2019 fiscal year, the NLIHC report says, would "lead to the largest reduction in affordable housing and community development investments in decades", taking "vital federal rental assistance" from 200,000 families.

by | June 15, 2018 | 02:53

Boring Co . said the Chicago project will cost $1 billion, though experts have said similar projects typically cost much more. The plan comes in response to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's request previous year for proposals to build and operate a high-speed rail line that will whisk passengers from the airport to downtown in 20 minutes or less.

by | June 14, 2018 | 20:55

However, Iovine is yet to receive a response from Uber . And a same-sex IN couple said that a driver for Lyft, another popular ride-sharing service, also kicked them out for a "peck". Why are we getting kicked out of the Uber?' and he said. Uber has behaviour rules amounting to, basically, no sex in cars. "That's no sexual conduct between drivers and riders, no matter what".

by | June 14, 2018 | 18:03

The decision is due to the scale of a redevelopment needed at Solihull to cater for a completely new version of both the Range Rover and the Range Rover Sport . Since then the company has revealed its profits were nearly cut in half in the fourth quarter as the car-maker was stung by a combination of falling diesel sales, Brexit uncertainty and vehicle taxation.

by | June 14, 2018 | 16:01

Trump and Kim signed a document on Tuesday stating that Pyongyang would work toward " complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula". Kim's commitment to denuclearize was included in a document signed after the first ever meeting between a sitting US president and a North Korean leader.

by | June 14, 2018 | 14:24

Exactly which self-driving features will be rolled out in the update remain to be seen, but speaking with Tesla , the brand suggest the aforementioned features won't turn Level 2 autonomous vehicles into fully self-driving, Level 5 cars overnight.

by | June 14, 2018 | 12:54

What is interesting is that Griffin and Shams's paper describes Tether as being primarily used by Bitfinex , a major crypto-exchange, to purchase Bitcoin tokens from two other exchanges and most importantly did this only after periods of Bitcoin price declines.

by | June 14, 2018 | 08:49

Both these iPhones will be ultra-premium variants with top-notch features. But Forbes' interprets the iPhone X Plus schematic as a confirmation that the iPhone X Plus "will introduce triple rear camera". Apple iPhone's camera does not perform up to the mark set up by rivals in low lights and the addition of a monochrome camera will certainly enhance its low light capabilities.

by | June 14, 2018 | 05:38

Projections released after the Fed's two-day meeting in Washington show policymakers expect the USA economy will grow 2.8% this year , while unemployment falls to 3.6%. Not since 1969 has the jobless rate been lower. It kept borrowing costs that low after the financial crisis to encourage businesses and consumers to spend and grow the economy.

by | June 14, 2018 | 04:31

Trump's ire was not doused by time and Tuesday he spoke at a press conference in Singapore after meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong Un , saying Canada would pay for Trudeau's perceived treachery. What Trump is asking for truly shows he has no knowledge of our system or even his own. Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said the U.S. decision to slap tariffs against Canada on national security grounds was "absurd" and that her country was moving forward "more in sorrow than ...

by | June 13, 2018 | 23:27

Interest rates are going up again as the economy gets hotter. The decision to raise rates comes as the USA unemployment rate hovers at 3.8% - the lowest rate in almost two decades - and inflation, which lagged the Fed's 2% target for years , shows signs of starting to pick up.

by | June 13, 2018 | 23:16

The world's largest oil exporters are negotiating how to rework their unprecedented, and successful, deal to control oil production as USA sanctions on Iran and the collapse of the Venezuelan petroleum industry threaten to send crude skyrocketing.

by | June 13, 2018 | 13:22

But conservatives in the South argued that any change to the exercises plans could lead to a weakening of the security alliance, the centerpiece of deterrence against the North's possible aggression. "So talking about withdrawal of USA forces is something that needs to be really thought through". "They're going to start that process immediately".

by | June 13, 2018 | 12:19

The recall will involve updating the engine control software in Mercedes-Benz C-Class models, as well as its GLC crossover SUV (seen here) and Vito van , a model not sold in North America. It's unclear exactly which models are being recalled, but the Vito 119 CDI, C 220 d and GLC 220 d have been identified, according to Autocar . Daimler hasn't contested the existence of the devices, but has argued that the devices may not be illegal.

by | June 13, 2018 | 03:30

Amazon's invasion of Whole Foods Market will continue unabated this week. The savings include an extra 10% off hundreds of sale items throughout the store along with exclusive offers on a range of products. "Based on the positive customer feedback and successes we've seen over the past month, we're accelerating our timeline to expand these savings to all of our USA stores".

by | June 13, 2018 | 02:05

The AT&T-Time Warner antitrust trial finally has a ruling after the trial ended last month. "We are pleased that, after conducting a full and fair trial on the merits, the Court has categorically rejected the government's lawsuit to block our merger with Time Warner", said David McAtee, AT&T General Counsel.

by | June 12, 2018 | 22:55

He thanked departing employees for their hard work and said Tesla is providing "significant salary and stock vesting" to those being let go, based on their length of service. The company is making the move now so it never has to do it again, he wrote. Shares of electric automaker Tesla rose during Tuesday's trading session after one Wall Street firm raised its Model 3 production estimates by 50%.

by | June 12, 2018 | 21:32

Navarro said at a Wall Street Journal event that the heated comments he made Sunday were "inappropriate" and a "mistake," according to several news outlets . Navarro said on Fox that his words came "straight from Air Force One". White House trade adviser weighs in on 'Fox News Sunday '. He delivered them the day after Trump himself criticized Trudeau and shortly after Trump's top economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, insulted Trudeau himself.

by | June 12, 2018 | 20:48

If you want to get your local roads fixed by Domino's, visit their Nominate Your Town page to enter your zip code. "Paving for Pizza " is determined to help cities across the country repave potholes. The Ann Arbor-based pizza company is asking customers to nominate communities in need of road repairs as part of its Paving For Pizza campaign. " Paving for Pizza " is a new initiative run by the chain to help cities and local government fix aging and deteriorated roads.

by | June 12, 2018 | 17:34

The system has come under scrutiny recently after a number of crashes being reported with the system active, the most prolific of which, resulting in a fatality when it was purportedly enabled. Musk has been known to exaggerate and even post jokes in his Twitter feed that are often mis-read as serious comments. Dubbed the "Space X Option", it is named for the rocket company Musk also controls.

by | June 12, 2018 | 17:04

Well, the most logical guess would be that Musk's Boring Company raising $1 million from sold hats and a further $10 million from Not a Flamethrowers , minus production and shipping costs, could be contributing to Musk's multiple start-ups without taking on the same debt or diluting ownership like most ventures usually would.

by | June 12, 2018 | 16:43

The huddle was planned to precede a larger meeting and a working lunch attended by top advisers to the president and their North Korean counterparts. "We will make sure that every dollar is spent appropriately", he said. Rodman further told CNN that when he went back to Washington, he received death threats. The safety precaution seems extreme until you remember that both Nikhita Krushev and Mikhail Gorbachev reportedly unintentionally gave the Central Intelligence Agency stool samples ...

by | June 12, 2018 | 09:59

It follows a day of historic talks at Singapore's Capella Hotel, on Sentosa Island - the first meeting between a sitting US President and a North Korean leader. Last week, Mr Trump told reporters that Rodman had not been invited to the summit, but praised him as a "nice guy" and great rebounder. Singapore is footing the hotel bill for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his contingent, Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan said on Monday.

by | June 12, 2018 | 05:16

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the delegations were "rapidly" making progress, but it will come down to the meeting between the two leaders. The North Korean leader then traveled to the St. Trump was hosted for a working lunch Monday by Singapore's prime minister, Lee Hsien Loong, at the Istana, which is the official residence of the city state's president.

by | June 12, 2018 | 03:41

If it doesn't, it could amp up tensions even more . On the summit's eve, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo drew a firm line, saying the U.S. plans to keep sanctions in place until North Korea eliminates its nuclear weapons capability. Andrew Kim was spotted by an Associated Press reporter Monday afternoon at the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore , where Trump is staying. However, unlike the USA president's Air Force One, the plane does not carry protective artilleries, and when Li is not ...

by | June 11, 2018 | 22:25

Donald Trump has made a decision to leave his historic summit with Kim Jong-un 15 hours earlier than expected, flying back to Washington on Tuesday night instead of Wednesday morning. Pompeo held firm to Trump's position that sanctions will remain in place until North Korea denuclearizes - and said they would even increase if diplomatic discussions did not progress positively.