by | September 21, 2018 | 19:26

Refineries in the U.S. consumed about 17.7-million barrels a day of crude oil last week while China's refiners used about 11.8-million barrels a day in August, according to government data from the countries, the most among the world's countries.

by | September 21, 2018 | 12:18

In a statement , Jet Airways admitted that the Thursday morning's flight went back to Mumbai "due to the loss in cabin pressure and regretted the inconvenience caused to its passengers". Oxygen masks dropped from the cabin's ceiling. According to some reports, the crew have been taken off duty pending inquiry. He said that their was no official announcement or communication from the pilot, other than an advice to wear the mask, which lead to a lot of commotion and confusion.

by | September 21, 2018 | 10:33

Molson Coors Brewing starting a joint venture with Quebec's Hydropothecary develop cannabis drinks in Canada. TERRY BOOTHEven though he's staying mum on the topic for now, Aurora Cannabis' ( Quote, Chart TSX:ACB ) Terry Booth says that a deal with Coca-Cola would be great not just for his pot company but for the marijuana space in general as it would help legitimize cannabis as a global enterprise.

by | September 20, 2018 | 23:24

Together, the motors will produce up to 355 horsepower and 414 pound-feet of torque, and since electric motors make maximum power nearly instantly, e-tron will deliver a sports car-like launch, while hitting 60 in about 5.5 seconds. There's Matrix LED headlights with integrated daytime running lights along the lower edge (a first for an Audi and a signature of e-tron), with a wide, exhaust-free diffuser at the back, and even camera side mirrors available as an option for that futuristic look.

by | September 20, 2018 | 15:07

Analysts had already expressed doubts about the pledge , which Alibaba announced after Trump and Ma met at Trump Tower in NY in January 2017. One million jobs would be close to one percent of all jobs in the United States - meaning that successfully delivering on the pledge would make Alibaba one of the country´s largest private employers.

by | September 19, 2018 | 08:26

In a pair of early morning tweets, Trump hailed his combative trade policy as a boon to American economic health and said the USA steel industry, which the White House has championed in new protectionist measures, was now "the talk of the world".

by | September 19, 2018 | 00:02

Holiday Inn: At all 28 Burger Theory restaurants located in Holiday Inn properties, get a free burger Tuesday while supplies last. At White Castle , you can get a free cheese slider with any purchase on National Cheeseburger Day. There are a few cheeseburger deals available through the chain's app right now. We will do our best to keep this list up to date throughout the day as well, so don't forget to check back here later and see if there are any deals or freebies you might have missed ...

by | September 18, 2018 | 20:29

Lucid Motors first teased its forthcoming electric luxury sedan , the Air , in 2016. The news about his rival comes after Musk on August 7 tweeted that he had "funding secured" to take Tesla private. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman speaks at the opening ceremony of Future Investment Initiative Conference in this Oct 24, 2017 photo. Tesla's shares fell 2.2 percent on news of PIF's investment in Lucid.

by | September 18, 2018 | 16:18

In Beijing , China's commerce ministry was unusually silent in the hours after the United States tariff announcement, as China's vice premier Liu He reportedly held a meeting to decide on Beijing's response. "These practices plainly constitute a grave threat to the long-term health and prosperity of the United States economy", Trump said in a White House statement .

by | September 18, 2018 | 13:44

If Beijing retaliates against U.S. farmers and industry - as it has previously vowed - the USA will immediately pursue further tariffs on about $267 billion of Chinese imports, President Donald Trump said in a statement Monday evening, repeating a threat he made earlier this month.

by | September 18, 2018 | 09:56

The US and China have already placed penalties of $50 billion worth on each other's goods. Beijing has vowed to retaliate on a range of USA products valued at around $60 billion. In a further attempt to cushion the blow, Washington canceled plans to put tariffs on about 300 product categories, including hot consumer items like smart watches and Bluetooth-enabled devices, chemicals for manufacturing, agriculture and textiles, as well as bicycle helmets, and children's high chairs, auto ...

by | September 18, 2018 | 07:39

In a statement Trump said the tariffs were the result of an investigation which found China had engaged in unfair trade and intellectual property practices for many years. A weaker United States dollar has boosted gold prices while the price of most base metals slipped on the back of concerns that demand for metals will weaken as a result of the trade dispute.

by | September 18, 2018 | 07:29

Calling it unwarranted, they said it was the government's diversionary tactic to take the focus away from the huge levels of bad loans. Jaitley said while consolidation of banks was on agenda and was even announced in the Budget, the government was waiting for the non-performing assets (NPA) situation to take a turn for the better before going ahead.

by | September 18, 2018 | 03:56

But Trump warned that "if China takes retaliatory action against our farmers or other industries, we will immediately pursue phase three, which is tariffs on approximately $267 billion of additional imports". Tariffs have put the a very strong bargaining position, with Billions of Dollars, and Jobs, flowing into our Country - and yet cost increases have thus far been nearly unnoticeable.

by | September 18, 2018 | 02:45

China is reportedly threatening to pull out of trade negotiations if the USA levies new tariffs, and the Foreign Ministry on Monday said it would respond in kind if the U.S. "He has not been satisfied with the talks with China on this". Economists at UBS Group AG say even a 10 percent tariff would slow the US economy in the fourth quarter by enough to stop the Federal Reserve hiking interest rates again in December, Bloomberg reported .

by | September 18, 2018 | 00:17

The soft drink company is reportedly monitoring the cannabis industry - and is specifically interested in drinks infused with CBD, the non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that treats pain without a resulting high. The discussions with Aurora are focused on CBD-infused drinks to ease inflammation, pain and cramping, according to the BNN Bloomberg report. Aurora's shares surged on the news, jumping as much as 23 percent Monday in NY to $8.

by | September 17, 2018 | 13:00

Kazempour Ardebili told Reuters on Friday that the United States will find it hard to cut Iran's oil exports completely as the oil market is already tight and rival producers can not make up the shortfall. Price rises were capped after US Energy Secretary Rick Perry said Saudi Arabia , other members of OPEC and Russian Federation were to be admired for trying to prevent a spike in global oil prices.

by | September 17, 2018 | 12:59

According to industry insiders, Benioff's will not interfere in magazine's operations and journalistic or editorial decisions. "While they will not be operators of the business, we are extremely fortunate to have Marc and Lynne's guidance and mentorship as we set out to build a new company".

by | September 16, 2018 | 20:42

While the needles found in the initial attack had been inserted inside the fruit, the latest punnet had a metal rod placed inside the punnet, which had been purchased by a staff member on Thursday morning. Jeannette Young. The two brands can be found in Woolworths and potentially other stores. Investigators said there are four contamination incidents, two each in Queensland and Victoria .

by | September 16, 2018 | 20:04

The massive irony behind this stems from the legal standing of cannabis in more than 30 U.S. states with nine of those having recreationally legal marijuana as well. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said during a 2016 interview that he would raise concerns with the USA after several major news reports highlighted specific examples of Canadians barred from visiting on account of their admitted marijuana use amid states legalizing the plant for medical and recreational purposes in ...

by | September 16, 2018 | 15:31

Teen use of electronic cigarettes is growing-especially the Juul device, which is considered so fetch in many underage circles that it has reached an "epidemic proportion ", writes the FDA , according to the New York Times . This decision put restrictions on how vape companies can advertise, prevented them from handing out free samples and eventually will require products to clear an FDA review in order to stay on the market.

by | September 16, 2018 | 13:27

Young advised residents that all strawberries, regardless of brand, should be cut before they're eaten. WA Strawberry Growers Association spokesman Jamie Michael said strawberries in WA shops and markets at this time of year were all grown in WA, so there was no risk of sabotaged fruit from Queensland being imported.

by | September 16, 2018 | 10:55

In other news. August saw OPEC's crude supply hit a nine-month high of 32.63 million bpd, despite concerns over falling production and slashed access in major producers Venezuela and Iran . Despite fear of disruptions to global oil supplies and curbs on production, OPEC sees global oil supplies as sufficient - it's demand people should be worrying about.

by | September 16, 2018 | 00:39

Ignoring calls for restraint from President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan , the bank raised its main short-term rate from 17.5% following weeks of pressure from global investors. The embattled currency has fallen by 40% this year amid a lack of interest rate hikes to control inflation. Phoenix Kalen at Societe Generale said the market was both pleased and confused by the bank's move.

by | September 14, 2018 | 17:31

The other component, called the "Day 1 Academies Fund," will create "and operate a network of high-quality, full-scholarship, Montessori-inspired preschools in underserved communities", Bezos said. Bezos also said no decision had been made on Amazon's second North American headquarters, known as HQ2, for which 20 cities have been selected as finalists, and that the choice would be made as scheduled before the end of the year.

by | September 14, 2018 | 13:23

Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland sounded sanguine on Wednesday as she emerged from negotiations with top USA trade negotiator Robert Lighthizer , although she cautioned that no trade deal was done until the last issue was nailed down.

by | September 12, 2018 | 23:14

Observing that there were larger economic issues involved when it comes to fuel prices , the Delhi High Court on Wednesday said it can not ask the government to fix the price but directed it to decide the representation of a Delhi-based designer who has filed a PIL seeking direction to the government to fix fair price of petrol and diesel in accordance with the Essential Commodities Act.

by | September 12, 2018 | 11:11

Eight weeks from today, the nation will go and vote, rendering the verdict on the first two years of Donald Trump's presidency and their relative judgments of the two parties as well. But Trump's mention of Obama's comments about a "magic wand" appear to reference a June 2016 town-hall event in IN when the former president was asked about Trump's promise to kick-start manufacturing jobs in the country.

by | September 12, 2018 | 00:00

Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall somewhere between North Carolina , South Carolina, and the Mid-Atlantic states on Thursday evening or Friday morning, according to the National Hurricane Center (NHC). Similar evacuations are happening all the way up to Virginia, where the governor has ordered a mandatory evacuation for residents of some low-lying coastal areas.

by | September 11, 2018 | 17:28

Furthermore, as the Huffington Post reported, citing federal statistics, us trade deficit with China, and the European Union has jumped to a five-month high, in spite of the tariffs. In April, Ford announced plans to stop making cars in the USA - except for the Mustang - and to focus on more profitable SUVs. That means Ford simply will not sell the vehicle in the US.

by | September 11, 2018 | 07:15

Similarly, petrol is being sold for ₹83.54 per litre in Chennai and the diesel retail price is ₹76.64 per litre. In Delhi , a litre of petrol will cost you Rs 80.50, while in Mumbai the situation is worse with Rs 87.89 per litre. Fuel prices in Delhi are the cheapest among all metros and most State capitals due to lower taxes. However, many feel that by attributing the price hike only on worldwide factors must be taken with a pinch of salt, the BJP government is trying to shrug away its own ...

by | September 10, 2018 | 18:44

On Tuesday, former Finance Minister P Chidambaram had stated that the "Relentless rise in prices of petrol and diesel is not inevitable". The prices of both petrol and diesel, have been at their record high levels for around a week now. Because the price is built up by excessive taxes on petrol and diesel. The VAT on petrol has been reduced from 30 to 26 per cent and from 22 to 18 per cent on diesel, Rajasthan Chief Minister Raje announced at a public gathering in Rawatsar in Hanumangarh ...

by | September 10, 2018 | 16:57

Tesla shares have fallen sharply after two senior executives abruptly left the electric auto firm headed by Elon Musk . Tesla will stay public , Musk said on August 24, ending more than two weeks of speculation and calculation about how much a go-private deal would cost and who could be involved in it.

by | September 10, 2018 | 13:11

Following the succession, Ma will remain a permanent member of the Alibaba Partnership, a 36-member group of core company managers, which has the right to nominate a majority of the directors to the board of the company. According to the company, Paytm AI Cloud processes and stores their consumers' data locally in servers located in India - a demand from the government that has resulted in its rival WhatsApp and Apple deferring their digital payments services in the country.

by | September 10, 2018 | 08:20

Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment . He said Friday that tariffs on another $200 billion in Chinese goods are "in the hopper" and "could take place very soon". The U.S. Trade Representative's office received almost 6,000 comments and held seven days of public hearings on the proposed levies. "In summary, [the proposed tariff list] is so broad and encompasses so many information, communication and technology (ICT) products that significant consumer harm is ...