TECH BREAK: Apple unveils its first dual-SIM iPhone

TECH BREAK: Apple unveils its first dual-SIM iPhone

In addition, Apple says the Series 4 Apple Watch will also be able to detect when someone falls - and can tell the difference between a trip and a fall.

Apple officially introduced its 2018 line-up of iPhones - the premium iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR at an event in California late on Wednesday.

I got my hands on all three briefly, and while the XR should sell the most due to its lower price tag (US$749) and happy-medium screen size of 6.1 inches, I personally am most excited about the XS Max.

Sadly, group FaceTime that supports up to 32 simultaneous participants is still missing from iOS 12 - Apple's planning to add it later this year.

The new iPhones have more powerful processors and cameras, and a dual-SIM card feature for top-of-the-line devices.

The home button is gone, but the screen acts much like the X's, with Face ID and swiping to go home.

Just like last year's iPhone X model.

While the iPhone has made Apple the world's most valuable company, worth more than $1 trillion, it has slipped to third place among smartphone makers as Chinese-based Huawei has grabbed the number two spot behind Samsung.

During the launch event, Apple's Phil Schiller said the new phones are 'incredible'.

RIP iPhone: Apple discontinues its flagships
In short, Apple's latest announcement prices out consumers looking for a more affordable iPhone, even if it is a few years old. Now, if you want the best and biggest iPhone, you need to buy the iPhone Xs Max which comes with a massive 6.5-inch display .

That said, there were a handful of noteworthy announcements related to Apple's popular iPhone, Apple Watch, and the its approach to software and internal hardware that ties its products together.

Apple also introduced a fourth generation of Apple Watch with a major redesign - and a series of features created to improve its performance as a medical and health device. Apple's website for the Apple Watch 3, which uses eSIM, shows that China Telecom only supports cellular service for the device in 7 major cities including Shanghai (but notably not Beijing.) Another major carrier, China Mobile, only introduced eSIM services in June - starting in 7 cities that also don't include Beijing.

Apple itself has been a supporter of the technology, including its Apple SIM standard in the iPad Air 2, and using an embedded SIM for the LTE variants of the Apple Watch. It has a larger screen and a built-in heart sensor that the company said can detect irregular heart rates and perform an electrocardiogram.

It also has an updated accelerometer and gyroscope as well as a new built-in EKG scanner, marking the first time an EKG product has been available over the counter directly to consumers. Come launch, you'll be expected to fork over at least £1,099 for one and if you wanted the top-end configuration with 512GB of storage, be prepared to shed a hefty £1,449.

With the XR's notable features and specifications out of the way, let's talk pricing. The Watch Series 4 is still good for 18 hours of everyday use or workout tracking for a solid six hours.

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks about the Apple Watch at the Steve Jobs Theatre.

Apple stressed its devotion to data privacy, saying all health information gathered is encrypted on the smartwatch to be shared only as users see fit.

Actually, this is Apple's priciest iPhone yet. That means if you haven't already embraced wireless headphones, now's the time.

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