Ryanair charge shake-up means fliers will pay for light luggage

Ryanair charge shake-up means fliers will pay for light luggage

Ryanair is to introduce charges for passengers who fly with a small suitcase.

For now, you may still take an extra bag weighing up to 10 kg on board this low-priced Irish airline company's planes for free.

It said it expects most customers to switch to priority boarding as this allows passengers to bring two free bags into the cabin, one small 20litre personal bag and one 10kg cabin case.

The new policy will be implemented at boarding gates from November 1 and for all bookings made from September 1.

According to representatives of the Irish low-priced airline, change of conditions of carriage of things, argued that the current policy on baggage leads to delays and does not allow a short 25-minute reversals of aircraft between flights.

In a bid to improve its image, Ryanair in 2013 changed a strict luggage policy to allow passengers to carry a small bag and small suitcase onto the plane for free.

But in a move to cut check bag fees and reduce the volume of second free gate bags causing delays, non-priority passengers are now permitted to bring only one small carry-on bag for free. "60% of customers will be unaffected by these changes and we expect that the other 40% will either choose to buy priority boarding or a 10kg check bag, or will choose to travel with only one free small bag".

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This means customers can travel with two bags without paying extra fees - which Ryanair insist is causing delays.

According to them, 30% of passengers pay for the service "priority boarding", whereby their carry-on baggage is guaranteed to be in the cabin.

The other can be put into the hold for no extra cost.

From November, if Ryanair passengers turn up at the boarding gate with more than their carry-on bag and haven't paid for priority boarding, the bag will be placed in the hold at a charge of £25.

As with other budget airlines such as Easyjet, Wizz and Norwegian, non-Priority Boarding passengers now bring pull-along luggage and other medium-sized bags with them until they board at the gate - at which point bags are transferred to the hold for free. The bag must be checked in at the airport bag drop desk.

30% of customers already buy Priority Boarding and 30% already travel with only 1 (free) small carry-on bag.

"But we recognise it's all about customer choice, so if customers want to choose higher fares and less punctual airlines, then so be it".

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