The jokes write themselves: Beer fridge will unlock if Browns win

The jokes write themselves: Beer fridge will unlock if Browns win

But first the Browns have to win. And in case you're wondering if the fridges in FirstEnergy Stadium will open when (if) the Browns win, they will.

It's been almost 600 days since the Cleveland Browns last won a regular season football game, and thanks to a master marketing ploy by Bud Light, that is helping the beer company gain a lot of attention Tuesday.

Andy Goeler, Bud Light's vice president of marketing, said the brand and the team wanted to do something special to reward the loyalty of the fans, just like the company had when it fulfilled its promise to Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson and guaranteed a beer for every fan at bars along the Eagles' Super Bowl victory parade route. "While some may characterize it as celebrating one victory, we view this as an opportunity to thank Browns fans for their unwavering support while also looking forward to our goal of rewarding Cleveland with a consistently winning football team". But only if the Browns can manage an elusive regular-season win. It'll be hooked up to Wi-Fi, and when the Browns win, Bud Light will simultaneously unlock all of them at once.

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Each "Victory Fridge" contains 200 16-ounce beer bottles and will unlock automatically the moment a Browns regular-season game ends with them outscoring the opposition.

To get all the latest information on the Bud Light Cleveland Browns "Victory Fridge" and other exciting programs, follow Bud Light on Facebook at, on Twitter at @BudLight and on Instagram at @BudLight. "We know it. You know it. #LetsGoBrownies". The fridges will have smart technology that will be triggered with any Browns victory, either home or away.

The Browns' opening game and the first chance for the refrigerators to unlock comes at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers on September 9.

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