Russian premier opposes Georgia's accession to NATO

Russian premier opposes Georgia's accession to NATO

Russian troops remain on Georgian soil.

But neither self-proclaimed authorities, despite enjoying Moscow support from the outset, are still not legally recognised by other countries except by Venezuela, Nicaragua, Nauru and Syria.

The five-day war began when Georgia shelled separatists in South Ossetia, giving Russian forces a pretext to pour over the border and cement control of the two breakaway regions, which seceded in the 1990s.

"I think I did the right thing when made a decision to exercise restraint and not to force events", said head of government Medvedev that held the post of President of Russian Federation in 2008-2012.

"We want to remind you of the first military aggression of a neighbouring country in the post-war history of Europe to a sovereign state and the occupation of its territory, which has continued to this day".

The Kremlin has a tried and tested good-cop-bad-cop routine in which Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian prime minister and former president, is the good cop. In March 2017, Visa Free Travel for short term stays entered into force for Georgian citizens.

"These words, as shown by later events, unfortunately, in part, turned out to be prophetic and seem to be still valid", said Czaputowicz, referring to the ongoing Ukraine crisis. The de-escalation of military operations has made it possible to ease anxiety in South Ossetia and Abkhazia and reach a relationship with the European Union and other countries.

Medvedev added that NATO's expansion is a threat to Russian Federation.

The EU welcomes the package of proposals "A Step to a Better Future" of the Georgian government that can benefit the citizens living on both sides of the Administrative Boundary Lines by facilitating trade, education and mobility.

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The two Baltic nations and Poland stressed that they are striving to make Georgia and Ukraine members of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

"It (Georgia's entry to NATO) could provoke a bad conflict".

According to Medvedev, the trade and economic cooperation between the two countries has picked up significantly over the past several years.

Today on 10th anniversary of the war between Georgia and Russia, EU is unwavering in our support for Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity and for a peaceful resolution of the conflicts.

NATO now supports Georgia through the Substantial NATO-Georgia Package, a set of initiatives that provides resources to strengthen Georgia's defenses.

Last month, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg reiterated support for Georgia's membership at a meeting in Brussels, but did not mention when that might happen.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in turn, said that Russia is "extremely negative" would react to the further expansion of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, in particular, because of entering into an Alliance of Georgia and Ukraine.

Georgian soldiers observe terrain near Gori, Georgia northwest of capital Tbilisi in a file image from 2008.

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