Margot Kidder's daughter makes mental health appeal

Margot Kidder's daughter makes mental health appeal

In a statement provided to The Associated Press, Coroner Richard Wood of the Park County Coroner's Office in Montana where Kidder lived said her death in May at the age of 69 was "a result of a self-inflicted drug and alcohol overdose".

Margot Kidder's daughter, Maggie McGuane, told the AP it's a relief to finally have the truth come out. The world mourned the loss of chef, celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain and fashion designer, Kate Spade this past summer as well. It is now the 10th leading cause of death and one of only three leading causes that are on the rise, the report said.

Kidder, a native of Yellowknife, was also a political activist who was arrested in 2011 in a Washington, D.C., protest over the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.

Kidder became one of Hollywood's first and most prominent mental health advocates. Additionally, ambulances were called to Kidder's home five times in seven months, including at the time of her death.

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Kidder was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and eventually suffered a public nervous breakdown in 1996 after facing several career setbacks in the early 1990s, including a vehicle crash which resulted in her being paralyzed for two years. She went missing for four days before being discovered in a Los Angeles homeowners' backyard.

"They are a stigma and recall times when it was thought those with a disorder were possessed by the devil", she told the Edmonton Journal.

McGuane urged people with mental illness to seek help.

While no further details will be released of her suicide, McGuane added that "it's a unique sort of grief and pain and that she would like to reach out to every family who is suffering through a loss by suicide". In Australia the crisis support service Lifeline is 13 11 14.

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