Brooklyn nail salon brawl over eyebrow wax stirs racially-tinged protests

Brooklyn nail salon brawl over eyebrow wax stirs racially-tinged protests

Neighbors are protesting an East Flatbush nail salon after police arrested a worker and a customer accused of brawling there. She also expressed her anger that the salon staffers were "hitting [the women] like animals".

Employees at the New Red Apple Nail salon in a Brooklyn, New York neighborhood attacked customers with brooms after one of the women allegedly complained about her botched brow wax, the New York Post reported. It's hard to tell who instigated the violence, but it appears to be the workers at the nail salon who are dealing the most force. She was also released on her own recognizance, the Post reports.

Dozens of protestors gathered outside the salon Monday afternoon demanding the business be closed, and asking that locals take their business elsewhere.

In video posted online, you can see employees using broomsticks to beat a woman and chase her out of the store. "If you pay for a service and you don't like a service, it's a $5 eyebrow".

Police arrested a salon worker Huiyue Zheng, 32, and one of the customers named Christina Thomas. "I said 'sit down, let me call the police".

Brooms fly after botched eyebrow job causes brawl

Protesters tried to shut down a Brooklyn nail salon Monday after its employees were caught on camera beating a customer. Thomas refused medical treatment, according to police.

Police said Thomas hit an employee, who then in turn struck the customer with a broom.

According to a criminal complaint provided by the Brooklyn DA's office, the incident took place around 9:35 p.m. on Friday at New Red Apple Nails on Nostrand Avenue in East Flatbush.

The incident has inflamed racial tensions, and prompted calls for black residents to spend their money elsewhere. The protesters were holding signs that read "Black $$$ Matters" and were chanting "black dollars matter", the news station reports. The service is below standards and they lack respect for people of color. They also claim one protester screamed, "where is ICE?" "If we go into an establishment to get something done, and then we end up being assaulted, something certainly needs to happen to that establishment".

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