Disney joins SeaWorld and Busch Gardens in ditching plastic straws

Disney joins SeaWorld and Busch Gardens in ditching plastic straws

Change takes time, they say.

Disney and SeaWorld Entertainment join other major companies like Starbucks, Hyatt and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines in their plastic straw bans. To keep any disposable plastic straws on hand, businesses will have to "demonstrate, in writing, a public health and safety requirement or medical necessity to use the product".

As reported by Newsweek, up until today, Seattle became the first major US city to ban plastic straws in July, and the maximum fine there is just $250 (€215). The second violation, however, is punishable with a fine of up to $1,000 and a jail term not exceeding six months.

"For the majority of the council", reported the Santa Barbara Independent, "the only question was how best to wordsmith the ordinance language to tighten the exemptions".

Here's what you should know about plastic straw bans in California.

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"No one will go to jail for using a plastic straw or providing a straw to a customer", said Nina Johnson, the senior assistant to the city administrator, in a statement to Fox News, which originally used the story as an opportunity to mock environmentalism.

"There was a time when there were no plastic straws, only paper". Disney eliminating plastic drinking straws may cause a bit more blowback, but the company is focused on being cleaner and more environmentally friendly. Santa Barbara will begin to enforce its straw ban next July, and one can only wonder whether prohibition will usher in a new era of underground straw-serving speakeasies and street corner black market straw-slingers. In any event, there is no reason that so many drinks have to be consumed through a straw.

What's happening in San Francisco?

FYI: They're less temperature sensitive, so better for people with easily irritated teeth, but may be more susceptible to getting mold so you'll want to make sure to clean them often in the dishwasher or with a straw brush, and allow them to dry properly. From there, the company will also work on eliminating polystyrene cups as well.

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