Robert Kirkman confirms Andrew Lincoln's 'Walking Dead' exit

Robert Kirkman confirms Andrew Lincoln's 'Walking Dead' exit

Daryl Dixon is unquestionably the most popular character on The Walking Dead (sorry, Jerry), which is extra impressive because he doesn't appear in the source material. You can't just do a book about the zombie apocalypse and people are surviving...and I said, 'Oh, we got that, there's an alien invasion and the aliens are just using the zombies to weaken the world's infrastructure and move in...' And he was like, 'That sounds cool!' and it got approved. He admitted to lying and heard, "Hmm, probably better for it!"

Promising an "emotional, gut-wrenching" end to Clementine's story, The Walking Dead: The Final Season will be coming on 14th August with the first episode. He also asserts that there are "no plans" to make a TWD feature film. Saints & Sinners is set in a flooded iteration of New Orleans as they deal with other struggling survivors.

Kirkman also touched briefly on his non-zombie projects.

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Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, was speculated to be leaving the show following reports earlier this year, with Norman Reedus seemingly confirming the news by posting an online tribute. The closest we've come is creator Robert Kirkman's response on Thursday when asked whether Season 9 will be Lincoln's last: "It's looking that way".

The show's executive producer Robert Kirkman addressed the rumors in an interview with IMDb's Kevin Smith at Comic-Con.

All of those combine to make the first trailer for The Walking Dead Season 9 among the most anticipated reveals of Comic-Con International in San Diego. Those phrases have meaning beyond references to the comic book storyline that followed "All Out War", and the time jump that comes with it, as the post-apocalyptic series will undergo seismic changes both in front of, and behind, the camera, with the impending departures of stars Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan, and the addition of new showrunner Angela Kang. "This is a human being. I wouldn't want to spoil anything, but anybody who's been a fan of his journey, who loves Rick Grimes, who loves the world of The Walking Dead, you're going to want to see what we do". "He's been sweating (on set) in Georgia, away from his family, for so long".

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