AMC Unveils FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Comic Con Trailer And Casting

AMC Unveils FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Comic Con Trailer And Casting

The trailer debuted at "The Walking Dead's" Comic-Con panel following the "Fear the Walking Dead" presentation, which featured its own trailer for the upcoming season. By that I mean they're walker bait. The first eight episodes of the Walking Dead spinoff's fourth season ran through June, and the action picks up again on August 12th as AMC begins airing the back half of the season. I won't say who, it's fairly evident once you watch the trailer, and I want to leave you the choice of going in unfettered. This has been the most extraordinary, incredible and attractive experience of my career, made largely because of you guys and the relationship we have here with you in this room and also in the rooms across America and the rest of the world.

It had previously been reported that Lincoln's character, former police officer and long-lasting survivor Rick Grimes, would be leaving the show. "I think Angela is astonishing and leading with such class, and a light deftness of touch", Lincoln said. People seem to really love Daryl, and since actor Norman Reedus will be paid more than $20 million to become the main character on The Walking Dead, it seems like a few fans' dreams will come least until they decide to shockingly kill him off, too. The rest of the cast and moderator Yvette Nicole Brown remaining quite and giving the man time to address his fans.

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And while it looks from the latest Walking Dead promotional poster like Rick may be heading with the crew for the US Capitol when the show returns for season 9, Lincoln confirmed on the panel that he'll be leaving the hit horror series during this season.

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