‘Aggressive’ Montenegro could cause WWIII, Trump says in latest North Atlantic Treaty Organisation jibe

‘Aggressive’ Montenegro could cause WWIII, Trump says in latest North Atlantic Treaty Organisation jibe

So let's say Montenegro ...

Russian President Vladimir Putin says his first summit with U.S. President Donald Trump was "successful" and is accusing Trump's opponents in the U.S. of hampering any progress on the issues they discussed.

After President Trump described Montenegro as a potential source of global conflict, the Montenegrin government said on Thursday that the country is proud of its friendship and alliance with the USA, describing the relationship between the two countries as "strong and permanent". It found its voice today, and what came out was less a battle cry than a chorus of "Kumbaya".

"We build friendships, and we have not lost [a] single one", the government added. "President Trump made worldwide promotion for Montenegro, even though I don't think that was his intention", former Montenegrin foreign minister Milan Rocen said in an email to The Post.

Trump went on to say that Montenegro, a small Balkan country on the Adriatic Sea, could somehow be the instigator of conflict, as opposed to, say, a country like Russian Federation. Montenegro is a tiny country with very strong people ... "They may get aggressive and, congratulations, you're in World War Three".

Darmanovic, for his part, isn't taking Trump's words literally.

Because of this, while singling out Montenegro was not the best example, Donald Trump is factually correct that a war triggering Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation charter is increasingly likely in the Balkans while he is also correct that while such a war might serve the strategic goals of the American elite, such a war would do nothing to protect the lives of Americans who remain blissfully non effected by the conflicts in Europe's historic powder keg.

Polish NATO tanks

Back then, Markovic refused to make a fuss over the American president's manners.

And history also shows that our choices are not limited to Trump's shameful performance in Helsinki or Fox News. Its past ties to Russian Federation, with whom Montenegro shared a predominantly Slavic and Orthodox Christian culture, were so strong that its leaders were said to have declared a war on Japan in 1904 just to support Russian Federation. So while it's unlikely that World War III would break out because the U.S.is duty bound to protect the territorial integrity of Montenegro, it's not inconceivable either. "Donald Trump!" Such response would be unimaginable in Berlin. "The fact is Montenegro is the opposite of aggressive", Rizzo said.

The Berlin Airlift, when USA and British planes carried food, fuel and other vital supplies to the isolated citizens of West Berlin, marked an early victory for the West in the Cold War. It is just the story on collective defense and financial contribution, and Montenegro emerged in that interview as any other country could have emerged.

The Balkans have a hard history, but "everybody likes Montenegro", the governor said in a video the U.S. Embassy in Montenegro posted Tuesday. But Mr. Trump, despite apparently never objecting to Montenegro joining the alliance when he had the chance, appears to doubt that it's a great deal for the U.S.

Tiny states like Montenegro have little relevance to basic USA national security.

"I understand what you're saying". It means that an attack on one is an attack on all. Fourteen people are now on trial in Montenegro accused of plotting to kill the prime minister and stage a coup to bring a pro-Russian party to power. "He's said it before, and this isn't the first time". Trump said on Tuesday he misspoke.

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