Steam pipe explodes in Flatiron District

Steam pipe explodes in Flatiron District

A subterranean steam pipe explosion on Thursday in NY created an urban geyser that snarled traffic during the city's morning rush hour, but caused no injuries, authorities said. The explosions sent massive plumes of scalding steam up towards the morning sky. The cars around were coated in mud.

He added that the area will continue to be closed off for the next few days, but that this timeline was subject to change.

There have been no fatalities of injuries reported so far, but the NY authorities have evacuated the people from the nearby buildings as a precaution. Had this explosion taken place an hour later, during the morning rush-hour, it could have seriously killed so many people. 138 firefighters and 33 NYFD units had arrived on the scene as of 8 AM ET, with police shutting down traffic on major thoroughfares.

Officials said the blast, which is under investigation, caused no injuries or evacuations, but that they were carefully monitoring the situation as steam continued to spew from the street for at least two hours after the explosion. The MTA subway is bypassing the West 23rd Street station, which serves the R and W Lines.

De Blasio was quick to reassure New Yorkers that "brief exposure [to asbestos] is not a problem. but if this material is in a building, if it's on clothing, that is a real concern".

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The company said it was carrying out environmental testing to determine whether any contaminants, such as asbestos, were present.

As a precaution, Con Ed is urging anyone in the area at the time of the blast who may have been covered in any debris to bag their clothes and take a shower.

A steam pipe explosion is seen in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, U.S., July 19, 2018. 45 people were injured and one person died (from a heart attack) due to the explosion. Despite fire being shot into the air, no one was hurt.

In 1989, Con Edison crews shattered a pipe with a jackhammer on Gramercy Park South and 20th Street, killing two workers and a resident.

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