Uber Announces New Tools for Tricky Pickups

Uber Announces New Tools for Tricky Pickups

In a crowded situation, such as after a sporting event or concert with dozens of smartphones held aloft, Spotlight will allow riders to use Uber's app to light up their phone screens with a specific color, giving drivers a clearer sense of which levitating smartphone to look for. This works just as it sounds; users will be able to pre-schedule a ride ahead of time and Uber promises users that it'll arrive on-time, otherwise they'll get their money back via the way of Uber credit.

Another new update is Pickup Messages, which makes it easy for riders to let their driver know how to spot them or give a quick update on their status. In these instances, Uber's on-time guarantee comes in handy.

Ridesharing services like Uber have undeniably made getting around town easier, but there are unique circumstances when hailing a cab is decidedly more convenient.

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Uber is launching guaranteed pickup windows where riders can be assured their driver will arrive on time. You can now send messages to your driver to provide an extra detail or two. Under the new system, if your driver fails to show up at the scheduled time, Uber will give you $10 that you can put toward your next trip. There are a few pre-populated messages that can be sent with one tap as well.

Riders can notify their driver of what they're wearing so that they can spot them more easily, or inform their driver that they'll be right there.

Uber is looking at adding automatic translation to the feature so that worldwide drivers can easily communicate with their riders, no matter what language they speak. Rider messages are then read aloud to the driver while they are en route, to ensure they can stay focused on the road.

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