Brexit Central: Government 'lying to MPs' over Brexit deal

Brexit Central: Government 'lying to MPs' over Brexit deal

Think of the government's Brexit white paper as a freeze-frame rather than the whole movie.

The British government released detailed plans Thursday for what it calls a "principled pragmatic and ambitious" Brexit - plans that have already triggered the resignation of two top ministers, and which face likely resistance from the European Union.

A banged up auto decorated with a banner saying "For sale - but no one's buying May's Brexit banger" is driven around Parliament Square in London.

She had used the Blenheim black tie dinner with political and business leaders to press Mr Trump on the benefits of a free trade deal after Brexit.

Foreign Minister Boris Johnson also resigned citing his disappointment with the proposals, which he said "stick in the throat".

In a Sun interview released while Mr Trump and First Lady Melania were being entertained by the Prime Minister at Blenheim Palace, the president said: "If they do a deal like that, we would be dealing with the European Union instead of dealing with the United Kingdom, so it will probably kill the deal". Former party leader Iain Duncan Smith said: "I would like having voted to leave, to leave, not to half-leave".

Some Brexit campaigners will seek to harden her plan by changing her customs legislation in parliament next week. "That is exactly what we will do". While there would be "no tariffs on any goods", the U.K.'s vast services sector will suffer significant disruption. The plans laid out in a 98-page government paper give Britain's most detailed answer yet to the question of what will replace it.

They include the so-called facilitated customs arrangement which is created to avoid a hard border in Ireland or with the European Union more widely, the proposed "common rule book" and "free trade area" (these phrases are created to avoid mention of the single market) in goods and agri-foods alongside separate regimes for services.

It is "aimed at ensuring trade cooperation, with no hard border for Northern Ireland, and global trade deals for the UK", explains the BBC.

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But services including financial services such as accounting and insurance account for three-quarters of the British economy.

The government has proposed expanding the EU's existing so-called "equivalence" regime, which now covers access for non-EU partners like Japan and the United States to the region's financial services markets.

Britain wants a new treaty allowing it to continue using EU internal security measures such as the European Arrest Warrant and to participate in agencies such as Europol.

Director and chief executive Liz Cameron said: "We welcome the detail provided on the UK Government's approach to mobility, including the statement of intent to operate a UK-EU Youth Mobility Scheme and visa-free travel for tourism and short-term business activity". The European Court of Justice will no longer have jurisdiction in Britain, she says.

That is seen by the Brexiters as - in the spiky characterisation of Jacob Rees-Mogg - "the greatest vassalage since King John paid homage to Phillip ll at Le Goulet in 1200".

Pro-EU lawmakers, in contrast, think the proposed post-Brexit ties with the bloc are not close enough.

The body's Brexit steering group, chaired by co-ordinator Guy Verhofstadt, met yesterday and said in a statement after the United Kingdom white paper was published that it would "not consent" to a deal "without a credible "back-stop" provision for the Northern Ireland/Ireland border".

"As part of this, the existing autonomous frameworks for equivalence would need to be expanded, to reflect the fact that equivalence as it exists today is not sufficient in scope for the breadth of the interconnectedness of UK-EU financial services provision", the White Paper said.

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