Netflix brings ‘Smart Downloads’ feature to Android before iOS

Netflix brings ‘Smart Downloads’ feature to Android before iOS

After you watch that episode, Netflix will continue the trend.

The feature, which will be exclusive to Android devices at launch, is appropriately called "smart downloads" and its objective is to delete any episode you've already watched, plus automatically download the next episode in the series the next time you're connected to Wi-Fi - i.e. if you download the first episode of Stranger Things and watch it, smart downloads will delete that first episode and download the second automatically next time you're connected to Wi-Fi.

Netflix isn't yet ready to automatically predict and download shows or movies that you might want to watch, reports Quartz.

The company said the aim of the new downloading features is to remove the hassle of navigating through files and deleting download episodes manually.

Netflix has released a new feature called Smart Downloads for its Android app which will be making its way to the iOS version of the app later this year. It also could then automatically download the first episode of the next season when it airs, which could either be convenient or annoying, depending on how you look at it.

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The company previously announced a program to award researchers looking into the spread of misinformation among communities. This time, the platform has received the ability to automatically hide shared media from appearing in your phone gallery.

A download status bar will appear on the screen when a new episode is downloading, and users will be notified when the download is complete.

The latest feature builds upon Netflix's "download" feature that was launched in 2016. You can always fast forward, but we are lazy creatures. If ...

This should make the binge-watching experience that much more fun and under control. Smart Downloads also automatically deletes a downloaded episode once the user is done watching it. Smart Downloads would therefore be more relevant to users who want to keep their smartphone storage optimally used.

Tap on the Downloads icon within the application.

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