IHOP changes its name back from IHOb

IHOP changes its name back from IHOb

After a brief stint identifying itself as "IHOb", the International House of Pancakes announced on social media Monday that it has reverted back to its original name.

On Twitter, the company said, "That's right, IHOP!".

IHOP announced on Facebook that its name change was a hoax to promote new burgers, according to KATU-2. The plan, which came with a rollout of seven burgers including the Big Brunch Burger and the Cowboy BBQ burger, had been in motion for about a year.

As a peace offering, the company is offering 60-cent short stacks on July 17 in honor of its 60th anniversary.

The pancake chain has acknowledged that last month's name change was just a publicity stunt to promote its hamburger menu. Some fans called the name change "bizarre" and "a nightmare". It's to celebrate the restaurant chain's 60th birthday.

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Though the quick switch might have baffled people, the change actually helped IHOP boost sales numbers.

International House of Pancakes flipped the "P" in their name to a "b"; Jeff Flock explains what the "b" in IHOb stands for.

The IHOb marketing gimmick has proven successful.

Yep, the joke's on us.

Wendy's replied, "Of course it was".

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