UK's Brexit Secretary David Davis has resigned

UK's Brexit Secretary David Davis has resigned

However, furious pro-Brexit MPs criticised Brexiter cabinet ministers, including David Davis, Liam Fox and Andrea Leadsom, for failing to take a stronger stand against the government's proposed offer to the European Union, including quitting the cabinet.

He was joined by one other minister in his department, Steve Baker, and there are many reports that Suella Braverman has also quit.

May has responded to Davis' resignation with a two-and-a-half page letter of her own, saying she does "not agree" with Davis' characterization of Friday's proposal, instead calling it a "precise, responsible, and credible basis" for UK-EU relations.

The EU is not in a generous mood and views Mrs May's plan as "cherry-picking" from the single market to suit the British economy and the whims of Eurosceptic cabinet ministers. Her...

Mr Davis's resignation will anger cabinet colleagues from both wings of the party. Davis was a strong pro-Brexit voice in a Cabinet divided between supporters of a clean break with the bloc and those who want to keep close ties with Britain's biggest trading partner.

May replied in a letter saying that her Brexit plan "will undoubtedly mean the returning of powers from Brussels to the United Kingdom" and was in line with her commitment to leave the European single market and customs union.

Davis's late-night resignation undermined May's fragile government.

May now also faces a crunch meeting this evening as she attempts to keep her party onside amid rumblings of a leadership challenge and a growing backlash over her newly revealed Brexit negotiating position.

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May will have a key meeting with members of her Tory party to discuss her plan in Parliament on Monday.

Theresa May's plan for future relations with the European Union does not go far enough to protect Scotland "from the damage of Brexit", Mike Russell has warned.

Under the proposals, yet to be presented to the European Union, there would be a free trade area for industrial and agricultural goods, based on a "common rule book" and a "combined customs territory".

His comments came after Andrea Jenkyns, who recently quit a Government role to campaign for Brexit, said she would vote against any such deal, adding "if the detail is as bad as were hearing, then I'm also prepared to put a letter into the [1922 Committee]".

During his time as Brexit secretary, he clashed with May repeatedly, and his resignation risks widening divisions within the Conservative Party over Europe, with all eyes on whether anyone will be nominated to replace him, or if fellow Leave campaigner and May critic Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson will follow him out of the door.

"As I said yesterday, it's very much "game on" for that now".

Conservative MP David Davis arrives at Downing Street on July 13, 2016 in London, England.

"That is not something that this country voted for; it's not what the Prime Minister promised..."

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