Lions kill suspected rhino poachers in South Africa

Lions kill suspected rhino poachers in South Africa

The human remains were found on 3 July, when they said one of the guides of the reserve.

The activity was dismissed because this is a time when the lions are usually active, and officials believe this is when the hunters were killed.

Although we will continue to be extremely vigilant we remain positive that this incident will not necessitate any changes to the status quo of our lions.

Generally, Fox said, this specific group of lions does not react to a game vehicle containing people the same way it views individuals who are walking on the ground without a vehicle.

While no one can not be sure what the unauthorized party of hunters might have been doing, "We're nearly 100% sure this is connected to rhino poaching", Fox told Fox News.

"They came heavily armed with hunting rifles and axes which we have recovered and enough food to last them for several days so we suspect they were after all of our rhinos here".

"One of our anti-poaching dogs alerted her handler at about 4:30 a.m. Monday morning that something was amiss", owner Nick Fox said in a statement on the reserve's Facebook page. They also recovered three pairs of shoes, indicating that there were most likely three victims.

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"But the lions are our watchers and guardians and they picked the wrong pride and became a meal".

The six lions involved were darted (anesthetized) from a game viewing vehicle and their reaction to the vehicle at that time was closely monitored by myself, the veterinary staff as well as our conservation staff.

However, Fox said, after an initial investigation, it appeared the dog had been alerted by something else that was out of the ordinary coming from the pride of lions inside the park. "We lost three rhino in March 2016".

Police spokeswoman Captain Mali Govender confirmed that the remains had been found in the lion camp and that detectives were on the scene trying to work out how many were eaten.

Since the incident, police have been patrolling the area on the chance that any of the poachers survived.

So far this year, nine rhinos have been killed in East Cape Reserves.

A group of poachers illegally entered a South African reserve and planned to kill rhinos.

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