We Happy Few Australia Ban Has Been Overturned

We Happy Few Australia Ban Has Been Overturned

Does We Happy Few releasing in Australia fill you with, ahem, Joy?

We Happy Few's use of drugs was the main reason for the previous ruling. It had previously been banned in the first place thanks to its usage of the drug "Joy", which characters take as a means of control from the government. More specifically, the way drug use in the game is tied to "incentives and rewards".

Back in May, it seemed like the dystopian survival game We Happy Few wasn't going to launch in Australia after getting denied classification by the country's ratings board.

Following an appeal by Gearbox, We Happy Few will go on sale in Australia after all, the Australian Classification Board has confirmed. It'll be available for purchase in Australia after all.

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More details will be published on the Classification Review Board decisions page once it's been properly prepared.

We are extremely pleased with the decision of the board and excited that our Australian fans and new players will be able to experience We Happy Few without modification. Do you think the rules against including drug use in video games are sensible? Now, with the decision to award an R 18+ classification, "We Happy Few" can be sold in-stores. The people in the game are depicted as violent psychopaths due to their overuse of the drug, and all have basically lost their humanity.

That decision, according to the board, was driven by a new decision that the overall impact of the classifiable elements in the computer game was no greater than high.

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