Can Coffee Extend Your Life?

Can Coffee Extend Your Life?

For people who love a morning cup of coffee, and a few more cups throughout the day, there is good news.

This recent study drew from data from the UK Biobank study, an in-depth research initiative collecting data and following 500,000 people for three decades.

Additionally, "coffee drinkers were more likely than abstainers to drink alcohol and smoke, but the researchers took those factors into account, and coffee drinking seemed to cancel them out". So if you drank that coffee, you had a slightly lower chance of dying during the 10 years the study examined.

"For example, prior studies have suggested that variants in CYP1A2, (a gene) encoding the enzyme responsible for more than 95 percent of caffeine metabolism, may alter associations of coffee drinking with cardiovascular-related outcomes, with slower caffeine metabolizers having higher risk of developing hypertension (high blood pressure) or having a myocardial infarction (heart attack) relative to their non-drinking counterparts, whereas faster caffeine metabolizers who drink coffee are at no or lower risk of these outcomes".

Amla is loaded with vitamin C that is known to build your body's defence mechanisms against diseases and infections. However, the researchers stressed that the study only found an association with coffee and longevity and didn't prove that coffee leads to a longer life.

Erikka Loftfield, a research fellow at the National Cancer Institute and author of the study said that the main finding of the study was that people who drink two to three cups of coffee per day lowered their risk of death by around 12 percent when compared to people who did not drink coffee. There is also the question of what kind of coffee drinks they're drinking. The reduction in death rates did not get better as people drank more cups of daily coffee.

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After 10 years of the study, results showed that non-coffee drinkers were more likely to have died than those who didn't drink coffee.

The study was published on Monday in the journal Jama Internal Medicine. That study is particularly important, as it shows these benefits apply to African Americans, Native Hawaiians, Japanese Americans, Latinos, and white people. "But if they don't drink coffee, these findings don't say to start drinking it", Loftfield said.

Actually caffeine can keep you more hydrated than other liquids because you are drinking it with a volume of fluid like iced coffee or tea.

Wellington barista Clarke Gardiner is welcoming evidence from a major United Kingdom study linking coffee consumption with a lower risk of premature death.

"During the next decade, 14,225 participants died, mostly of cancer or heart disease", the AP reported.

"We know that some people metabolize caffeine quite slowly and are less tolerant of the apparent physical affects of caffeine, which of course comes from many sources other than coffee". The inverse association held for both ground and instant coffee, as well as decaffeinated coffee.

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