Todd Howard Says Future Mainline Bethesda Games will be Single Player

Todd Howard Says Future Mainline Bethesda Games will be Single Player

Though it is a newer trend in the relatively short time video gaming has been an industry, Microsoft has been open to cross-play on the Xbox and Nintendo signaled the same with the debut of the Switch past year, which offered much more third-party support than previous Nintendo consoles.

Bethesda Director and Executive Producer Todd Howard stated in a interview with Gamestar that Sony is to blame for the lack of cross-play in the next entry in the popular Fallout franchise. If you had created your Epic Games account on PS4 to play Fortnite, the account can't be used on other consoles.

What's more, the famous games creator was visibly annoyed by Sony's stagnant attitude, which seems to have no intention of giving up an inch of its position. We'd really love that (crossplay) but right now we can't.

In relation to Fallout 76 we hope that we get to see PC and Xbox One cross-play at launch, or PS4 and PC.

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Sony head Shawn Layden has recently stated that the company is looking at many possibilities for the Playstation 4 to join forces with its competition for the implementation of cross-platform play and that organization believes they will find a solution in the future. "Sony isn't as helpful as everyone would like". Especially not the Nintendo Switch, publicized during the recent Fortnite cross-play debacle. It is important to keep in mind that Bethesda has ported games to the console in the past (Skyrim, DOOM, Wolfenstein II), so releasing Fallout 76 on the console isn't out of the question. In a joint commercial, two players are shown playing Minecraft together from the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Bethesda clearly isn't mincing words regarding its thoughts on Sony's position in the crossplay conundrum, an issue which has dominated headlines as of late.

While it can be played as a solo effort, Fallout 76 is entirely online with players occupying a shared world located in West Virginia.

"You can not do cross-play in 76", he told the German publication.

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