Lyft is taking on Uber not with cars, but with bicycles

Lyft is taking on Uber not with cars, but with bicycles

Lyft did not disclose terms of the transaction, but it was believed to be worth $250 million or more.

Lyft says it inherits Motivate's corporate and technology divisions, and the city contracts that fuel branding agreements such as New York's Citi Bike, San Francisco's Ford GoBike and Portland's Nike-sponsored "Biketown".

Jump was bought by Uber in April.

Lyft will absorb Motivate's contracts with those cities, including the one that covers the more than 1,800 bikes now deployed in Boston, Cambridge, Brookline, and Somerville.

Ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft have already grown to dominate urban commuting by auto. Uber's ambitions include flying taxis and driverless ride-hailing cars as well as a rental auto service, dockless bikes, and electric scooters.

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A number of public transportation authorities in major cities have begun to work with Uber and Lyft and share data in order to address what's often referred to as the last-mile problem - the distance a person needs to travel in order to consider taking the bus, a Lyft shuttle, or some combination of options that do not require owning or leasing a auto. Also in June, Uber was said to be weighing a takeover offer for Motivate.

Motivate has mainly specialized in traditional bicycles that are stored in docking stations around cities.

Lyft plans to launch bikeshare services in the company's top markets and cities where Motivate already operates. On Monday, Lyft revealed it would throw its hat into another ring: Bike-sharing.

The purchase does not include Motivate's bike maintenance and service division, a unionised workforce, which will remain a separate division.

Some parts of business will run as usual for the newly acquired company.

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