OnePlus confirms US Carrier relationships and a 5G device for 2019

As every year passes now the interest for 5G network and the equipment to help it will develop and OnePlus is very much aware of that.

Lau also revealed to PC Mag that the company is working with Qualcomm to develop one of the first 5G-enabled phones and plans to launch it in the United States in 2019, the same year 5G services are switched on.

That claim was made by the company's CEO and founder Pete Lau at Mobile World Congress Shanghai, according to PC Mag, with Lau - who's likely talking about the OnePlus 7 - adding that this is possible thanks to his company's relationship with Qualcomm. However, unlike Apple or Samsung, OnePlus smartphones are not available via carriers and most of the users get a smartphone via carriers (which offers voice, SMS, and data bundle). OnePlus confirmed it wants to be one of them.

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He did not specify which OnePlus model will be the first to launch with 5G support. Knowing that they will never be able to conquer the American market with internet sales alone, the phone makers from China will collaborate with carriers to make their smartphones widely available. Details about the next OnePlus flagship isn't known as of yet as you would expect, but 5G support could be a huge step forward for the company.

However, Lau does promise a "burdenless" experience with a commitment to no bloatware.

US -based customers can now purchase OnePlus products but not without paying the full price of a device at once, and this normally turns off potential customers. Lau told PCMag that the company had to justify the utility of the notch and provide a way to turn it off, which the company did. Since the launch of OnePlus One, all its devices have been released as unlocked versions. Showcasing for the fan swarm is troublesome as it implies they need to remain over the current innovative needs and they're arranging precisely that with regards to discharging a 5G smartphone in 2019.

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