Google Is Secretly Developing a Video Game Platform Code-Named ‘Yeti’

Google Is Secretly Developing a Video Game Platform Code-Named ‘Yeti’

The report notes that the firm spent recent trade shows like GDC and E3 gauging potential interest from developers, and notes that Google could even be interested in buying out game studios outright.

What we may see is a possible Netflix-style streaming service for games, one that could sit alongside other media apps on your Google Chromecast or similar hardware - or even be played in a tab on the Google Chrome browser. Rumors have also surfaced that Google is looking to purchase game development studios. Sony's PlayStation Now service already allows PS owners to stream titles into their homes, but it requires a very stable, fast internet connection. According to Kotaku's sources close to the company, they're gearing up for something big.

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Rumors of Google's leap into the field of gaming with Xbox and PlayStation have been swirling for months now, but a new report gives us our best glimpse yet into what the tech giant is creating. This means you won't need to newest and most expensive hardware to play them at their best. Like Microsoft, Nvidia and EA are also working on game streaming services. "Instead of opening up your laptop or checking your phone for a guide, you could press a button to activate an overlay on your screen that cues up a YouTube walkthrough of the game you're playing", Kotaku explains. It also clarified that alongside the streaming platform, Google is also looking to launch its own console, though it's not entirely if clear if the device will feature dedicated graphics and compete with the Xbox One and PS4 directly or if it will simply serve as a gateway for the streaming service. There's no time-frame for when Google would launch the service, but their October "Made by Google" event would be a flawless place to launch it, though if they want to do it right we may have to wait until next year to see it after they've lined up more content creators. While some might speculate that Google could attempt to take on Microsoft and Sony by offering a competitive console, it seems also likely that they could just offer a simple system ideal for streaming with Yeti.

Google themselves are now not responding to requests for comment, but Kotaku points out that the search giant did snap up former Sony head Phil Harrison in January of this year.

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