And the new Overwatch hero is… a hamster!?

And the new Overwatch hero is… a hamster!?

Earlier today we revealed not only the totally out of left-field hero announcement from Blizzard regarding their hit FPS Overwatch, but also some of the most priceless reactions as well. The new tank hero is live now on the PTR and as per the name is able to switch between bipedal shooting and giant ball rolling. And he really is adorable!

Update: Wrecking Ball is the name of mech and Hammond is the name of the Hamster inside. I'm not. The newest hero is a hamster in a death ball. It's your turn now Blizz!

Wrecking Ball's combination of tinkering and bruiser-style tanking should make the hero a very interesting addition to the roster.

Wrecking Ball's ultimate ability is the Minefield; upon activation, Wrecking Ball deploys a massive number of proximity mines within the immediate vicinity.

Tapping crouch in midair will send Wrecking Ball crashing to the ground for a high-impact smash with the Piledriver ability. During the rebellion on Horizon, he secretly attached his escape pod to the back of Winston's ship, hitching a ride to planet Earth to save himself from imminent destruction. We're going to have to wait until Blizzard either publishes an overview on the official Overwatch site or adds the little furball to the game's public test realm.

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Overwatch was released a couple of years ago and is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

As for how Hammond got that giant robot hamster ball, and why he decided to make huge guns come out of it... The champions of that arena fight in mech suits, and users can in fact see some of these mechs in person or in posters in the Junkertown map.

Wrecking Ball's backstory is pretty, uh, different from other heroes'. It did it through brief videos that misled the players at first, but the studio eventually revealed who the new hero will be.

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