Looking up at the Night Sky

Looking up at the Night Sky

The sight will be particularly sweet because of June's full moon, often referred to as the Strawberry Moon.

According to NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory video, Saturn will be at opposition on June 27, Wednesday, when the sun is located opposite Saturn, with earth in the middle and on its closest placement with Saturn this year. You'll surely see the bright moon as soon as the sky becomes dim. Look close to the moon to see the planet Jupiter, and then glance down, closer to the eastern horizon to see the glorious Saturn rising up. Fortunately for skygazers, viewing the Saturn opposition won't require any sophisticated equipment, as a solid, reliable set of binoculars should do the trick in most cases. Pacific Standard Time and be at its fullest by 9:53 p.m., he said.

The best time to see the full moon is 8:05 p.m. ET on the east coast, and 7:51 p.m. PT on the west coast.

This will make it easy for people of all ages to spot Saturn among a sea of countless stars in the night sky.

On the same date, the night sky will brighten as Saturn will glow with the full moon which will rise not too far from the gas giant.

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"With a small telescope, though, this shape will sharpen into the stunning rings that surround the planet". "A low moon is no larger than a high moon".

Don't sleep early this week as the full moon will shine with a steadily bright, yellowish Saturn to light up your dark and cloudy night sky, followed by other celestial proportions.

"Cloud-free conditions will lead to uninterrupted views of Saturn for much of the western and central United States on Wednesday night", the website reports.

"The Mars opposition will be July 27, and it will be perhaps the second closest opposition in almost 60,000 years, second only to the opposition of 2003", Samuhel said.

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