MoviePass is going to introduce surge pricing on popular movies by July

MoviePass is going to introduce surge pricing on popular movies by July

That's something that can't be done with MoviePass, the independent subscription service whose main program offers a movie a day for $10 per month, but requires in-theater, day-of-show ticketing and prohibits more-than-once same-day usage and repeat viewings of the same film. Twice the price for a quarter of the theater network and 60 per cent fewer movies. That convenience factor alone can make the cost of AMC Stubs A-List worth it. "We want to make movies more accessible, they want more profit", a tweet said.

Deciding whether AMC Stubs A-List is worth it ultimately comes down to what you can afford, how often you go to the movies, and whether you have an AMC theater nearby. Advance reservations can be held for a maximum of 3 movies at any one time in the current or for future weeks. It's good at all AMC locations. With AMC Stubs, moviegoers can reserve tickets for upcoming movies on their phone, but MoviePass is same day only.

MoviePass has attracted 3 million members, but the stock price of the service's parent company, Helios and Matheson, has dropped from $38 a share to 44 cents a share.

Theatres wants to directly compete with MoviePass, and MoviePass isn't taking it lightly.

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Seeing the next movie as hyped as "Black Panther" will cost you a little more when using MoviePass, as the app is rolling out a "high demand" charge.DisneyFor the premium price, subscribers will be given the option to pay a fee to see a movie in Imax or Real 3D. Users can access three movie showings per week for $19.95 (£15.06) each month.

Five months later, MoviePass stopped working at certain AMC theaters, including Empire 25 in NYC, the Universal City Walk, AMC Loews Boston Common and the AMC Century Plaza. This unconventional business model has hesitant users wondering how the company can flourish. The company found that 75 per cent of people who saw a film over the holiday weekend wouldn't have if they weren't MoviePass subscribers.

"It has to be a bit worrisome for them that AMC's come out with this", Holden said of MoviePass. But, you also get the other benefits that already existed within the Stubs program, so there's that too.

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