PM says £20bn cash boost for NHS 'must be invested in technology'

PM says £20bn cash boost for NHS 'must be invested in technology'

The Scottish government will receive a £2bn boost as a result of United Kingdom government investment in the NHS, the Scottish Conservatives have said.

Labour, which said it would match the Tory funding proposals if in power, called on Mrs May to set out details of how her plan would be paid for.

"Some of the extra funding I am promising today will come from using the money we will no longer spend on our annual membership subscription to the European Union after we have left", May insisted during her speech on Monday.

The NHS will receive the largest cash boost in its history, following a deal to deliver an extra £384 million a week to the crisis-stricken health service.

But the Shadow Health Secretary believes the five-year plan to increase spending on the NHS is "not enough money".

The announcement is timed to mark the 70th anniversary of the NHS, which delivers free access to care for everyone living in Britain.

The Foreign Secretary said the UK's weekly gross contribution to the European Union would in fact rise to £438 million by the end of a post-Brexit transition period in 2021, as he continued to pledge the NHS would be "top of the list" when the spare cash became available.

As health professionals experiencing the effect of chronic under-investment in our health service we welcome the Prime Minister's pledge of greater investment for the NHS.

The Prime Minister acknowledged that the public will have to pay "a bit more" in tax in order to fund the extra £394 million a week going to the NHS in England in 2023/24.

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Under the plans, the NHS budget, which now stands at £114 billion, will increase by an average of 3.4 percent a year.

"This long-term plan and historic funding boost is a fitting birthday present for our most loved institution".

The prime minister was joined at the announcement by her chancellor, Philip Hammond and health secretary Jeremy Hunt.

"However, if this is to be funded with personal tax freezes and borrowing, then other United Kingdom departments will face funding squeezes to meet the costs of Brexit - and as a result any increases in health could be given with one hand and taken away with the other".

She attacked the Cameron government's key health reform - driven through by the former Health Secretary, Lord Lansley - which created clinical commissioning groups to negotiate legal contracts with other parts of the NHS. The chancellor has already promised a spending review in 2019 that is expected to look at loosening the public purse strings to fund the NHS.

"We are going to have to find a way of making it easy for people to do the right thing and to save for the long term, to make additional contributions so we have that security we need in the social care system". And I'm very clear that we need to make sure that in dealing with social care it doesn't put added pressure is on to the NHS.

An official spokeswoman from May's Number 10 Downing Street said she did not have the details available.

"But we've seen less than half of that in Scotland; the SNP have not passed on health consequentials".

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