Trump tweets that his top economic advisor suffered heart attack

Trump tweets that his top economic advisor suffered heart attack

It was not immediately known when Kudlow suffered the heart attack.

President Trump says his chief economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, has suffered a heart attack and is being hospitalized.

The news of Kudlow's health broke just minutes before President Trump shook hands with Kim Jong Un in Singapore.

Mr Kudlow, 70, a key member of Mr Trump's team had kept up the barrage of criticism after the U.S. blamed Canada on Sunday for the disastrous ending to the weekend G7 summit, saying Prime Minister Justin Trudeau "stabbed us in the back", while American allies held Washington responsible.

He is a former CNBC commentator and Wall Street economist.

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Kudlow's friend Stephen Moore, of the Heritage Foundation, told Politico that he believes he will be okay.

Kudlow's hospitalization comes amid a critical meeting for Trump, who is hoping the summit in Singapore will be the first step toward persuading North Korea to denuclearize. Though he has always been opposed to tariffs, he has supported Trump's decision to erect tariffs against both China and key United States allies like Canada, Mexico and the European Union, calling them a useful tool. President Trump played that process in good faith. When markets are firing and growth is strong, he said, "that is energizing to him". He replaced Gary Cohn, who resigned after losing his battle against imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. Yet Kudlow has defended Trump's trade policies in public since his appointment.

Kudlow took part in the G-7 negotiations in Quebec, Canada.

Kudlow made headlines in recent days for supporting the President following the events at the G7 summit and President Trump retracting his endorsement of the G7 final statement. "He is probably going to be the best trade reformer in several decades the world has seen".

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