Provenance of Ivanka’s ‘proverb’ baffles Chinese internet users

Although Ivanka Trump did not accompany her father to Singapore for his summit with Kim Jong Un, she took to social media in an apparent show of support, tweeting what she described as a Chinese proverb: "Those who say it cannot be done, should not interrupt those doing it".

People in China began tweeting other sayings they thought Ivanka might have meant to use. Seems like United States of America's first daughter Ivanka Trump is yet to be taught the fact and her latest tweet which quoted a "Chinese proverb" proved that.

In China, as the tweet made the rounds, many people were baffled, with some calling it a "fake proverb".

But it didn't take long for Twitter users to point out one glaring problem - there is no evidence to suggest the "proverb" was either ancient, or Chinese.

Eventually, the Global Times actually sourced the quote to a 1903 news article, declaring that "the phrase quoted by Ivanka has actually no relation to China".

"She saw it in a fortune cookie at Panda Express", one user joked.

In China, where Twitter is blocked, screenshots of Ivanka's saying circulated on the social media site Weibo.

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"[My editor] really can't think of what exactly this proverb is".

On Weibo, several people offered Chinese proverb suggestions that might convey something similar, without arriving at an agreement.

Ivanka's tweet was meant to celebrate the historic talks.

Twitterati also targeted the president's senior adviser for her misfire.

On Tuesday, after Trump and Kim met at the hotel in Singapore and shook hands before sitting down for a one-on-one meeting, Ivanka tweeted a simple collage of the iconic handshake between the two leaders.

"One proverb from Ivanka has exhausted the brain cells of all Chinese internet users", a commenter admitted. "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life", she posted on Twitter in 2013.

"Three minutes of googling suggests this is a fake Chinese Proverb". Her six-year-old daughter, Arabella Kushner, became an online sensation by singing ballads in Mandarin and reciting Chinese poetry in a video that was shown to President Xi Jinping during Donald Trump's visit to Beijing last year.

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