Justin Trudeau's eyebrow raises a lot of eyebrows

Justin Trudeau's eyebrow raises a lot of eyebrows

"It's always the president's decision", White House trade adviser Peter Navarro said Tuesday at an event in Washington. Trudeau had engaged in "bad-faith diplomacy", Navarro maintained.

Trump's ire was not doused by time and Tuesday he spoke at a press conference in Singapore after meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong Un, saying Canada would pay for Trudeau's perceived treachery. That's what weak, dishonest Justin Trudeau did.

"I used language that was inappropriate", he said, according to Journal reporters.

"I see (on) the television that he's giving a news conference about how he will not be pushed around by the United States".

Trump had made similar remarks late Saturday, accusing the Canadian leader of acting "meek and mild" during talks, before ther press conference. "That's what weak, dishonest Justin Trudeau did", Navarro said on the "Fox News Sunday" programme.

A day before, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow had also lashed out at Trudeau.

Chrystia Freeland, the Canadian foreign minister, called them "inappropriate" and warned that ad hominem attacks are not a productive way to conduct global relations.

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"... No, I have a good relationship with Justin Trudeau".

Although Trump has repeatedly insisted that US workers have lost out under the North American Free Trade Agreement, the US Trade Representative's office confirmed the trade surplus falls more than $8 billion in Washington's favor. What Trump is asking for truly shows he has no knowledge of our system or even his own.

Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said the U.S. decision to slap tariffs against Canada on national security grounds was "absurd" and that her country was moving forward "more in sorrow than in anger" with retaliatory tariffs.

"That's going to cost a lot of money for the people of Canada". He learned. You can't do that.

US President Donald Trump has pledged to hit China with aggressive trade action "in the coming weeks", signalling that he will not back away from a plan to institute punitive tariffs on goods from America's largest trading partner.

Navarro's comments were part of the White House's continued criticism of Trudeau.

. "I mean seriously, Russia, who took over Crimea, all the violence that's taken place in Ukraine, the poisoning of people in the United Kingdom, the influence in our election this last time period", Heyman recounted. They knew voters wanted them to rally round.

Trudeau addressed the media on June 9 stating his intention to impose retaliatory measures on the USA from 1 July, as a necessary means to safeguard Canadian interests.

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