Daemon X Machina Announced For Nintendo Switch

Daemon X Machina Announced For Nintendo Switch

As many fans expected, games coming to the Nintendo Switch occupied a great part of Nintendo's E3 press event.

Nintendo showed a trailer for a new mecha shooter called "Daemon X Machina" during their Nintendo Direct presser at E3 on Tuesday.

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Daemon X Machina features anime-inspired mech combat in urban settings. So basically everything great about robot battles.

Tsukuda and his team have approached this brand new game with the goal of making it "the best mech action game" out there. Specifically, mechs appear to be termed "arsenals" in the game, and are fully customizable. Players will be able to obtain weapons from defeated enemies and attach them onto your Arsenal "on the fly" to adjust your strategy against a range of different enemies. Meanwhile, the game's lead character designer is Yusuke Kozaki, who was attached to the making of "Fire Emblem Awakening". Did it make you want to keep an eye out for this 2019 mech game?

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