Comey 'broke norms but not biased' - agency watchdog report

Comey 'broke norms but not biased' - agency watchdog report

The report from DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz will be reportedly 500 pages long and is scheduled to be delivered to Congress at noon, with a public release three hours later.

According to Bloomberg, Horowitz's report did not find that Comey acted with "political bias".

"While we did not find that these decisions were the result of political bias on Comey's part, we nevertheless concluded that by departing so clearly and dramatically from Federal Bureau of Investigation and department norms, the decisions negatively impacted the perception of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the department as fair administrators of justice", Horowitz wrote in the report's conclusions, seen before publication by Bloomberg.

The report will review the series of events leading up to Comey's decision in July 2016 to announce publicly, without Justice Department approval, that while he found Clinton's actions "extremely careless", he would not recommend charges against her.

Hours before the Justice Department's Office of the Inspector General releases a long-awaited report on the handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation, Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave his take on what the repercussions of the report may be.

As noted earlier in CBS' scoop, the report criticizes Comey and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch for lack of communication and effective coordination. President Donald Trump has tweeted that he was eagerly awaiting it, and both Democrats and Republicans are watching to see how it will affect public opinion. But it will mark the most definitive accounting of the email probe to date, looking at - among other things - whether "certain underlying investigative decisions were based on improper considerations".

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Horowitz is also expected to provide a frank assessment of how former FBI Director James Comey ignored longstanding departmental norms at key moments in the Clinton probe.

The OIG report is expected to address this and other alleged missteps that Comey made during the Clinton investigation.

Trump has expressed great interest in the inspector general's report, as well as some skepticism it might not be as damning as he hoped. "We'll stop it", Strzok responded.

In an interview with Buck Sexton of The Hill, Sessions said the report could lead to more law enforcement officials being fired. "As we warned before the election, Director Comey had a double-standard: he spoke publicly about the Clinton investigation while keeping secret from the American people the investigation of Donald Trump and Russian Federation".

Comey has said he felt compelled to alert Congress to the new emails, after having previously testified that the investigation was done. "Right?!" Page wrote to Strzok.

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