Brexit: MPs assured there'll be no physical checkpoints at Irish border

Brexit: MPs assured there'll be no physical checkpoints at Irish border

The meaningful vote is probably the most unsafe of the Lords amendments to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill - because it tees up an unpredictable vote on the final terms of Brexit, towards the end of this year, and opens up the possibility that MPs could demand that ministers change policy, in the event the terms were rejected by the House, or no deal was reached in the talks with the EU.... they could even demand (drumroll) a second referendum...

Mr Grieve confirmed he voted with the UK Government after receiving assurances, telling Sky News: "I am quite satisfied we are going to get a meaningful vote".

Rejecting what he called the "Norway Model" for EU relations, Corbyn said: "It would leave us with next to no say over rules we have to follow, it does not allow us to negotiate a new comprehensive UK-EU customs union and it fails to resolve the Irish border issue". After months of debating the detail of the legislation that will trigger United Kingdom withdrawal from the European Union, the House of Commons will stage crucial votes on Tuesday and Wednesday that will decide her fate.

It is these 15 changes that MPs will vote on this week - either keeping the Lords amendments, which would endanger May's government, or overturning them in favor of the Prime Minister.

When the Commons last decided on the meaningful vote, in December, ministers offered last-minute concessions at the end of the debate, but it prompted shouts of "too late" from the Tory rebels, who then went on to defeat the government.

That means that the prospect of a "no deal" Brexit is becoming increasingly unlikely.

The government won all eleven votes by narrow majorities.

Potential rebels fell into line after Solicitor General Robert Buckland said ministers were ready to "engage positively" with their concerns before the Bill returns to the Upper House next Monday.

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The concession came after intensive horse-trading on the floor of the House of Commons, with chief whip Julian Smith shuttling between Tory backbenchers during debate on Lords amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill.

He insisted what had happened in the Commons was a "democratic outrage", adding: "Without debate, without the voices of Scottish MPs being heard, the government pushed through these amendments to rip out the powers from the Scottish Parliament".

Mrs May said her approach would be guided by the principle that "the Government's hand in negotiations can not be tied by Parliament, but we need to be accountable to Parliament".

Mr Kawczynski said: "I find it absolutely unforgivable for any Conservative MP to try to bind the hands of the Prime Minister in this monumental decision".

Brexit minister David Davis told parliament if it rejected the government's compromise on the "meaningful vote" and backed the House of Lords amendment: "What it actually amounts to is an unconstitutional shift which risks undermining our negotiation with the European Union".

"First, we must never do anything that undermines the Government's negotiating position or encourages delays in the negotiations", Mr Davis said.

The bloc's Brexit negotiators have published an analysis of the Prime Minister's plans which suggests strongly that they will not be accepted.

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