Ajit Pai says you’re going to love the death of net neutrality

Ajit Pai says you’re going to love the death of net neutrality

As of today, the end of net neutrality is official.

Pai also called the new course of action a "tremendous bipartisan success" and noted that the rules were "especially harmful for smaller internet service providers who didn't have the means to withstand a regulatory onslaught".

To restore the net neutrality rules, the House would have to vote in line with the Senate, and President Donald Trump would also have to sign the measure.

Net neutrality rules enacted under former President Barack Obama expired Monday, completing a move a year ago by the Federal Communications Commission to end the protections.

Pai says Internet service will become cheaper and faster with the rules now gone.

Two states, OR and Washington, have passed net neutrality laws and 29 states are considering legislation, which could lead to new legal battles over Internet laws. The disclosures are essentially a get-out-of-jail-free card-the new FCC regime specifically allows ISPs to block, throttle, or prioritize content in exchange for payment as long as the ISPs disclose the fact that they're doing so.

Supporters of net neutrality are concerned that without it, we could lose access to a free and open internet.

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According to Consumer Reports, there are a few things consumers should keep an eye out for once deregulation goes into effect.

As of Monday morning, net neutrality no longer exists.

But Gigi Sohn, former counselor for former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, said in a statement Monday that consumers will have little recourse against ISPs if they have a complaint about internet providers' behavior: "For the first time since the creation of broadband, the (FCC) will not take responsibility for protecting consumers or competition".

They prevent those providers, the largest being Comcast, AT & T, and Verizon from blocking internet content, throttling bandwidth and enabling paid prioritization for specific websites. After control of the the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) changed hands following the 2016 election, the agency's new chairman, Ajit Pai, started dismantling net neutrality regulations, arguing they were overly restrictive.

Several states are enacting their own rules, or are in the process of adopting net neutrality rules.

Activists are hoping for a similar outcome in the House of Representatives, utilizing a process known as the discharge petition to pass the House's version of the Senate's resolution. In reality, the FTC will only be able to enforce a company's own terms and conditions, which won't do anything to stop the spread of paid fast lanes, zero-rating, or anti-competitive behavior across the industry.

"Today, the Trump Administration has set into motion the destruction of the free and open Internet", she claimed. Several states including NY and Washington, have passed regulations that impose net neutrality on a local level.

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