Isolated Kim Jong Un takes big gamble leaving home for Trump summit

The standard thinking goes that he needs quick help to stabilize and then rebuild an economy that has suffered amid a decades-long pursuit of nuclear bombs, and that the North Koreans see a unique chance to win concessions, legitimacy and protection from a meeting with a highly unconventional USA president who's willing to consider options past American leaders would not. On Tuesday, both leaders will converge on Sentosa Island for their historic summit.

"I know Singapore is a very hot country, so I wish that our respected marshal stays healthy and comes back in good health". The US wants North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons, but North Korea is widely expected to resist that and it is unclear what it might ask for in return. Kim, up until his recent high-profile summit with South Korea's president on the southern side of their shared border, has usually hunkered down behind his vast propaganda and security services, or made short trips to autocrat-friendly China.

Trump tweeted on Sunday: "I am on my way to Singapore where we have a chance to achieve a truly wonderful result for North Korea and the world".

The US president successfully sought to tighten United Nations sanctions on the North, and to get its traditional ally, China, to go along.

Another question is whether Trump will take up the issue of human rights - with North Korea accused of a host of state-sanctioned rights abuse including extrajudicial killing, torture and kidnapping.

During the lunch, Trump said he thinks "things can work out very nicely" in Tuesday's meeting.

Still, other analysts said Mr. Kim was as determined as Mr. Trump to make this meeting a success.

U.S. President Donald Trump waves upon his arrival at Paya Lebar Air Base in Singapore, before his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, June 10, 2018.

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"I think within the first minute - my touch, my feel, that's what I do", the president said, touting his deal-making experience as a businessman. To this day, and technically speaking, Washington and Pyongyang are still at war.

Ponsei University's John Delury told Singapore broadcaster AsiaNews that Trump was a disruptive force in traditional diplomacy but his tactics of a one-on-one meeting could work. Volatility and the Trump-Kim pairing go together like joint statements and the phrase "constructive talks".

The North has presented Kim's sudden diplomatic overtures to the country's neighbours and the U.S. as a logical next step and completion of his plan to develop a credible nuclear deterrent in response to what Pyongyang says is a policy of "nuclear blackmail" by Washington.

Still, even as he turned his attention to the summit, Trump continued his blistering attacks on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Monday, saying "Fair Trade is now to be called Fool Trade if it is not Reciprocal". "They're the lead agency", Perry told CNN.

Larry Kudlow, Trump's economic adviser, said Sunday on CNN that Trudeau's criticism had damaged Trump's prestige before the summit - and that's why Trump reacted so strongly.

Finally, a sense of continuity must be established. What it should be used for instead is as a starting point with a clearly articulated roadmap for continued dialogue.

"President Trump believes that Kim Jong Un has an unprecedented opportunity to change the trajectory of our relationship and bring peace and prosperity to his country", Pompeo said.

Ultimately, all of these will be great outcomes as far as ensuring the summit is concerned.

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