IHOP reveals the secret behind their new name IHOb

Whether or not the IHOb name is only a short-term marketing gimmick, there's a monetary reason why the pancake chain is flipping over on its brand identity: Pancakes aren't selling like hotcakes.

Prior to Monday's announcement, IHOP even shared a poll on Twitter about what the new name could be. In fact, the majority of tweets to IHOp are none too pleasant. People speculated it could signify everything from the mundane (Could it mean International House of brunch?) to the practical (International House of breakfast, perhaps?). The "b" is for burgers.

Rebelez is not anxious about people being disappointed.

However, IHOP fans should take heart, as it doesn't seem like the chain is eliminating its trademark pancakes altogether. Most people thought it would be "breakfast" or "brunch".

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According to CNN, the change is only temporary. "They had fun for a week trying to figure it out", Rebelez said. When asked if IHOP was considering food-fusion menu items - remember Burger King's Whopperito or Taco Bell's Nacho Fries?

Sales from 2015-2017 were flatter than, well, you know what, and Dine Brand execs were already in war-room mode over how to position their chains for the future.

Still, it's worth wondering why IHOP is going through all this trouble. A release from the company said the letter "p" in IHOP was flipped "for the time being". IHOP's same-restaurant sales - or sales at locations open at least a year - declined 1.9 percent in its most recent fiscal year.

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