E3 2018: EA Announces New ‘Command & Conquer’ Game ‘Rivals’ On Mobile

E3 2018: EA Announces New ‘Command & Conquer’ Game ‘Rivals’ On Mobile

The centre of the map is a nuke that, rather confusingly, requires two hits to destroy the enemy's base.

Electronic Arts made a surprising announcement earlier today during its E3 2018 press conference - a new Command & Conquer game will soon be available on Android and iOS devices.

Gameplay is real time, and players are in constant control of their troops as they vie for control of a nuclear silo. The missiles are on a timer, so the only way a player can control the flow of battle is by holding objectives before the missile launches. Android users will be able to pre-register starting today, and U.S. and Canada players may be able to try the pre-alpha.

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This marks the series' first game since 2012's Tiberium Alliances and you'd hope it gets off to a good start because if there's one thing the world needs, it's Command and Conquer rocking up and showing everybody how it's done just like the good old days.

"As huge fans of the strategy genre, we wanted to build a great RTS on mobile". A release date has not yet been announced for Rivals, but EA says a pre-alpha test period will come to the US & Canada soon. Either way, EA's certainly poised to scoop up a share of the mind-blowingly lucrative mobile gaming market if Rivals takes off. "We, the development team, are committed to delivering a fun, fair, and competitive experience for all players".

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