How to get to North Korea's nuclear site

How to get to North Korea's nuclear site

"That's okay. That doesn't mean it won't work out over a period of time".

While Pompeo testified, worldwide journalists left Wednesday on a marathon journey to a North Korea nuclear test site, after Pyongyang belatedly cleared a number of South Korean media to witness what it says will be the dismantling of its only nuclear test facility. -North Korean summit will proceed but laid the fate of the historic meeting squarely with Kim Jong Un, who won't be reassured by US demands for "rapid denuclearization".

The North has portrayed the destruction on the Punggye-ri test site as a goodwill gesture ahead of planned June 12 summit between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump in Singapore.

"There's a very substantial chance that it won't work out" for June 12, said the United States president.

Pompeo said a US -led sanctions pressure campaign on Pyongyang would not be eased until North Korea gives up nuclear weapons and that the United States had no intention of making concessions to Pyongyang.

The demolition is due to take place sometime between Wednesday and Friday, depending on the weather.

Mr Trump said "there's a very substantial chance" that the meeting will not take place on June 12. "But there is a good chance that we'll have the meeting".

While Kim has portrayed the demolition as a natural step after declaring his nuclear weapons program "complete", South Korean and USA officials have interpreted as a gesture of good faith ahead of next month's planned summit with Trump.

"I'm very hopeful that that meeting will take place".

It was unclear whether Trump was truly backing away from the summit or whether he was strategically coaxing North Korea to the table after decades of tension on the Korean peninsula and antagonism with Washington over its nuclear weapons program. But there also is the risk of a diplomatic failure that would allow the North to revive and advance its program. But Trump also said he believed Kim was "serious" about negotiations.

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President Moon said he has every confidence that President Trump "will achieve a historic feat", adding that he will offer all the support he can.

While worldwide media are regularly able to travel to the capital Pyongyang or - during a period of rapprochement between North and South - the jointly-run Kaesong Industrial Complex, visits to other parts of North Korea are far rarer.

Citing sources familiar with the preparations, The Washington Post reported Tuesday that Kim was less concerned about meeting Trump than he was about what might happen at home in Pyongyang while he's gone.

Pompeo said he made clear to Kim the USA view of what steps Pyongyang needs to take, including verification work, in order to demonstrate "real denuclearization". His spokeswoman, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said Trump was referring to a commitment to seriously discuss denuclearization.

A North Korean delegation reportedly stood up USA officials with they were scheduled to meet for a planning session in Singapore, The Washington Post reported on Tuesday.

Invited foreign journalists began a long journey up North Korea's east coast Wednesday to witness the slated destruction of the reclusive regime's nuclear test site, a high profile gesture on the road to a summit with the United States that Donald Trump now says might not happen. On his most recent trip he brought back three Americans who had been held by North Korea.

"That decision will ultimately be up to Chairman Kim", he said.

The president said he hoped Chinese President Xi Jinping was actually committed to the goal of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula, calling him a "world-class poker player".

"The government will swiftly carry out necessary measures for the journalists such as granting approvals for visiting North Korea and providing transportation", the ministry said.

"I will guarantee his safety, yes", Trump said, noting that promise was conditioned on an agreement to complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization. They had previously been excluded from the symbolic ceremony for North Korea's denuclearization efforts.

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