Venezuela reactivates Kellogg plant after company pullout

Venezuela reactivates Kellogg plant after company pullout

"The current economic and social deterioration in the country has now prompted the company to discontinue operations", the company said. Workers said they were prevented from entering the plant in the central city of Maracay on Tuesday.

President Nicolas Maduro, who is standing for re-election, told a rally that he would hand control of the factory over to the workers. They include Bridgestone, Clorox, Coca-Cola, Colgate, Kimberly-Clark, General Mills, General Motors and Harvest Natural Resources.

The ensuing story finds Oliver delving into the South American country's dire economic situation, focusing in particular on the leadership under which said crisis-caused in large part by Venezuela's economic dependence on oil, prices of which fell precipitously beginning in 2014-has come about.

"Why are they doing it today?" "Imperialists! Oligarchs! Nobody can scare our people".

Maduro blames Venezuela's crisis on an "economic war" he says is waged by Washington, greedy businessmen and coup-mongers.

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He explained that is symbolized the fire of faith passing from the godparents and parents to the child. "I express my great pain for the deaths and the wounded", he said.

Speaking to the Associated Press, the two Russians who reportedly signed agreements with Maduro the help the Petro expand globally distanced themselves from the cryptocurrency with one, Fedor Bogorodskiy, claiming his company immediately ceased working with the project as soon as Trump announced his ban. "It was paralyzed due to lack of raw materials, the government took it and today it is paralyzed".

The company responded to the move with a threat of legal action should their products be sold under their name. The company also voiced its desire to return to Venezuela in the future.

The closure is not expected to significantly worsen food shortages in Venezuela, but it was a further blow to morale for many Venezuelans as Kellogg's is the most popular and available cereal in the country.

Kellogg's factory in Maracay, with a giant figure of Tony the Tiger lording over the entrance, employs around 550 people and produces 75 percent of the breakfast cereals Venezuelans consume, according to the company's website.

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