Triad schools close for teacher rally

Triad schools close for teacher rally

Carolynn Phillips, a middle school arts teacher from coastal Brunswick County who was named the county's Teacher of the Year for 2018, called Wednesday's protest a cry for respect from teachers whose pay ranks toward the bottom of the teacher pay scales in the 50 USA states.

Teachers marching on the Capitol said they were there for many reasons and highlighted the impact low wages were having on their own lives and their ability to teach their students. Don Davis, D-Pitt.

"I'm a grandmother, not a thug", said Ira Reed. Today they'll be back in the classroom.

Both chambers - as expected - got little actual work done.

And he told the educators they have his support.

"We'd all rather be teaching today". Ralliers will attempt to attend the legislation session before meeting with leaders during lunchtime.

Posters in hand, the group took their campaign to the streets with a march to Pack Square.

This time around, the small number of protesters speaking up inside the chambers were escorted out while the session was gaveled into recess.

But are teachers too hopeful about satisfying their demands to boost per-pupil spending to the national average, more money for school construction, and a multi-year pay raise for teachers and support staff to push North Carolina out of 39th place in the us for teacher pay?

House Speaker Tim Moore, a Republican, addressed the demonstrators' concerns. There is a projected 6.3 percent increase for the 2018-19 school year. He said the day's focus should be "the fact that a million kids are not going to be in school (Wednesday) because a political organization wants to have folks come there to communicate with us or send a message". "Veteran teachers have been skipped over the past several years".

The $49,970 average salary of North Carolina teachers ranked 39th in the country last year, but their pay increased by 4.2 percent over the previous year - the 2nd biggest increase in the country, the National Education Association reported last month.

Some teachers, including Tequila Powell, a teacher at Northside Elementary School in Chapel Hill, are anxious about having to compete with other states and districts across the nation recruiting NC teachers. Salary increases are needed, she said, in part to make up for freezes during the recession and mitigate what teachers spend on classroom supplies.

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Pierce also spoke with educators.

Education should not be a partisan issue, he said. "I have to get in [my] pocketbook and pay for paper and ink and pencils", Blackwell said.

"We support offering different learning environments in hope of determining which is the best option for every child", she said. She said simple capital needs in her school, such as building repairs, have been neglected.

Burton, a second generation graduate of the University of North Carolina, said the underfunding of public schools was something she truly did take personally.

Teachers in Kentucky and Colorado have also staged walkouts and sickouts, calling for raises and protesting changes in their pension plan. "I just don't support the method".

"They keep giving tiny raises and taking so much away from the kids", Holdridge said outside the Legislative Building.

She, too, said she marched for the children.

The rally in Raleigh is just the latest in a wave of teacher uprisings this year.

Advocates at the NCAE called for legislators to invest in school nurses, counselors, and social workers, expand the state's per-pupil spending, and improve school infrastructure and lower student classroom counts, among other demands.

"This has to be a bipartisan effort to fix our educational problems, and you can't convince me there are not Republican-leaning teachers who feel the same way as Democratic-leaning teachers on this subject".

"We need to have sufficient resources for these babies".

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