Farage Offers Words Of Wisdom To EU's Tusk After Trump Outburst

Farage Offers Words Of Wisdom To EU's Tusk After Trump Outburst

He said: "We are witnessing today a new phenomenon: the capricious assertiveness of the American administration".

"Looking at the latest decisions of Donald Trump someone could even think: with friends like that who needs enemies".

Speaking at a Western Balkans summit in Sofia, Bulgaria on Wednesday, Tusk didn't hold back in his assessment of the U.S., saying European Union members should unite to face "a new phenomenon - the capricious assertiveness of the American administration".

The discussions, which officials said were long but with "no real controversy", stuck to the issues of the day and avoided a wider questioning of the EU's relations under Trump, despite Tusk's tough words.

French President Emmanuel Macron and other European Union leaders, who meet for a summit in Bulgaria from Wednesday, have said the bloc will not negotiate with a gun held to its head.

The European Commission is refusing to open talks on wider trade terms with the USA, including import tariffs on cars - a bugbear of the United States president - until it receives a permanent exemption from punitive taxes on European steel and aluminium.

"Besides the traditional political challenges such as the rise of China or the aggressive stance of Russian Federation, we are witnessing today a new phenomenon: the capricious assertiveness of the American administration", Tusk said.

"I would like our debate to reconfirm without any doubt that as long as Iran respects the provisions of the deal, the European Union will also respect it", the chairman of the gathering, Donald Tusk, said before the meeting in the Bulgarian capital Sofia.

"The EU must be grateful to Trump". He has made us realise that if you need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of your arm."European leaders are troubled by Trump's "America first" rhetoric and inconsistent statements on North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the European Union".

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"Europe must do everything in its power to protect - in spite of today's mood - the transatlantic bond".

European Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos said the EU was willing to a so-called blocking statute that would make it illegal for European companies to comply with USA sanctions imposed on Iran and not recognize U.S. court decisions that enforce American sanctions.

European leaders were also unable to persuade Mr. Trump not to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, a failure that weakens efforts to combat global warming.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and EU foreign policy chief will outline to the leaders what measures the bloc could take to shield its now substantial economic interests in Iran, Tusk added.

The German chancellor has also voiced her anger at President Trump, and said earlier this week that while the deal was not optimal it did serve a purpse.

"The EU and United States are friends and partners, therefore USA tariffs can not be justified on the basis of national security", Tusk said.

This move sparked discontent among the key United States trading partners, especially the EU.

The EU has since sought to address some of his concerns but Trump was not convinced, and his move left the EU scrambling to salvage an accord they see as a key element of worldwide security and a diplomatic success, as well as wondering about their future cooperation with Washington.

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