Scotland set to vote against Brexit bill

Scotland set to vote against Brexit bill

How did the row between the United Kingdom and Scottish governments come about?

Mr Russell will now write to David Lidington, calling on him come to Scotland to "hear the concerns of all parties and to discuss with the Scottish Government and the UK Government any new ideas from any of the parties".

Brexit means powers that have been exercised by Brussels returning to the UK.

If no deal between Edinburgh and London can be reached, Westminster has the option of introducing the Withdrawal Bill against the wishes of the Scottish Parliament. However the UK Government argues it needs to hold some powers - on a temporary basis - to allow common UK arrangements to be set up in areas such as fishing, farming and environmental regulations.

But Scottish Brexit minister Michael Russell said parliament needed "to unite to protect the powers of devolution".

- What is legislative consent and why does it matter anyway?

The Westminster government has offered concessions to devolved administrations and May's Conservative party points out that these have been enough for the Welsh government to drop their reservations about the bill.

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The Scottish parliament refused consent for Britain's flagship Brexit legislation on Tuesday, pushing Britain into constitutionally uncharted territory as London presses ahead with the bill regardless.

"I have said time and again it is unacceptable that the legislation gives the UK Government the power to ban the Scottish Parliament from legislating on devolved areas for up to seven years without the parliament's consent".

The UK voted as a whole to leave the European Union in June 2016, but Scotland voted to remain.

Westminster has never before tried to legislate in devolved areas without the backing of Holyrood, however, so it is not clear what will happen next. "They have received support from senior Labour and the Liberal Democrat figures in Holyrood and Westminster".

Bruce Crawford, the head of the Parliament's Finance and Constitution Committee, said the vote was a "historic and significant" moment for Scotland and that he hoped the government in London would "respect the views" of the assembly. On that occasion the UK Government responded by removing those parts of the Bill.

If May chooses to disregard the Scottish vote, it could fuel First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's calls for a second referendum on Scottish independence and likely strengthen her argument that Scotland should be independent.

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