Police offer praise to Wisconsin high school for 'best senior prank'

Police offer praise to Wisconsin high school for 'best senior prank'

A group of seniors at Cumberland High School in Wisconsin pulled off what the police department called one of the "best senior pranks" ever.

The school made a point of saying: "The best part?"

Cumberland police posted images on Facebook Monday, which seemed to show a vehicle "smashing" into Cumberland High School.

A auto slammed into a Wisconsin high school, sending bricks flying into the air... or so it appeared.

The police department's Facebook post has been shared more than 1,700 times as of Tuesday night.

The windows of the auto were decorated with messages saying, "C-ya May 19, 2018!" and "CHS Class of 2018 We're Bustin Out".

Yanny or laurel? The nonsense question splitting the internet
That explanation was roundly dismissed by many on Twitter, however a select few claimed they managed to hear both Yanny and Laurel .

Konur Pasko, one of the students involved in pulling off the prank, said the idea grew from an evening talk with his dad, Jon Pasko, the technology education teacher in Cumberland schools.

The Police Department also extended their congratulations to the seniors graduating.

The senior class at Cumberland High School left its mark, and a bit of a scare for its principal.

According to the school district, the "accident" was set up right outside the principal's office.

Not only was the prank well executed, but it spread an important message for teens and their parents.

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