Incremental North Korean denuclearisation will be unacceptable - South Korea official

Incremental North Korean denuclearisation will be unacceptable - South Korea official

As reported by the Yonhap news agency on Monday, Thae Yong-ho a former London-based North Korean diplomat expressed doubts over the possibility of a complete denuclearization of North Korea.

Japan's Foreign Minister says Tokyo will not demand North Korea change its political system if it gives up its nuclear weapons program.

An incremental North Korean approach to denuclearisation at a June 12 summit with President Donald Trump will not be acceptable to the US president or the people of South Korea, South Korea's special national security adviser said on Tuesday. Moon welcomed Kim's plans to publicly blow up North Korea's nuclear test facility. This can be all the more true when the North said that it had reached a "satisfactory" agreement with the US when Pompeo met with Kim last Wednesday.

The defector said the regime might be looking into tourism projects near coastal areas and eventually seek joint economic projects with South Korea.

"They are, in other words, a sword and a shield for eternal prosperity, prosperity and happiness for generations to come".

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However, Kono emphasized that Japan will not lift its sanctions on the North or begin economic assistance until the regime achieves a complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization (CVID), adding that's the global consensus.

Thae also noted that North Korea was likely to open its borders to tourism projects near its coast.

A move like denuclearisation would conflict the integral power structure of North Korea, Thae added. After it promised to dismantle a nuclear test site, satellite imagery indicated that the process was "well underway", according to North Korea analysis group 38 North.

North Korea's state-controlled media released a statement from the ministry of foreign affairs on Saturday, exactly one month ahead of the historic Kim-Trump meeting planned for June 12 in Singapore.

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