'Strong Tehran means strong Ankara': Turkey vows to maintain trade with Iran

'Strong Tehran means strong Ankara': Turkey vows to maintain trade with Iran

Turkey will continue to trade with Iran without violating the requirements of the UN, Turkey's Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci said.

In the telephone conversation Turkish president, for his part, said the JCPOA is a successful model in the world and all sides should do their best to protect it.

Another source familiar with the conversation also confirmed to Sputnik that both leaders had agreed the JCPOA (the formal name for the nuclear deal) is "a diplomatic success that must be safeguarded".

During the telephone conversation, Rouhani stressed that the JCPOA is a significant global agreement for development of worldwide stability and security, as well as the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), adding "the Islamic Republic of Iran has complied with all its obligations under the JCPOA as verified in all the 11 reports issued by the worldwide Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)".

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"Europe, and in particular the five countries negotiating with Iran, should clearly define their actions and stances to compensate for the withdrawal of the United States in the short time that is left", Rouhani said, as quoted by the presidential press service.

"We believe in this: The stronger Iran gets in this region, the stronger Turkey becomes as well, and the stronger Turkey becomes, the stronger Iran gets as well", he said.

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday defied the wishes of world powers when he announced that Washington would pull out of the historic nuclear accord and impose new sanctions on Tehran.

Earlier, Erdogan described the U.S. decision as a mistake, adding that Ankara would never accept it.

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